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“LeBron James is RIDICULOUS!”: Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant And Many Others React to the King’s 47-Point Birthday Bash

Tonoy Sengupta

"LeBron James is RIDICULOUS!": Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant And Many Others React to the King's 47-Point Birthday Bash

LeBron James has taken the NBA world by storm this fine night. After all, during his 38th birthday, the man came up with an electrifying 47 points, 10 rebounds, and 1 block. And of course, he did this while shooting 66.7% from both the field and beyond the arc.

Now, of course, fans are going to show the King some serious love. However, there will be some of that coming from his fellow NBA players as well.

And when it comes to that category, it appears that Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum beat absolutely everybody to the punch.

Let’s dive into what they had to say about the King after such an incredible night.


Jayson Tatum puts out a heartfelt message about LeBron James to the masses on Twitter

Jayson Tatum may play for the Boston Celtics now, but he has always been a Lakers fan. So, when he gets the opportunity, of course, the man catches their games too.

And fortunately for him, he did in fact have a chance to sit down and watch LeBron James’s magnificent display, after which he tweeted this out.

The King’s 38th birthday is sure to be just a tad bit brighter after he sees that remark from Tatum. But, as mentioned before, the praise from fellow NBA players did not stop there.

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Kevin Durant and other NBA players followed suit, praising LeBron James on Twitter

While Kevin Durant may not have been a Lakers fan growing up, as an NBA player and fan he still has an eye for greatness. And for obvious reasons, that means he has an eye for LeBron James as well.

So, as he watched the man’s display against the Hawks, here is what he tweeted out.

And of course, there were always going to be a myriad of NBA players doing the same.

Happy Birthday, LeBron James.

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Tonoy Sengupta


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