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LeBron James Personal trainer: Meet Mike Mancias, the man behind LeBron’s incredible physique

Amulya Shekhar

LeBron James personal trainer

LeBron James report spends well over a million dollars on his fitness and physique every year. Let’s take a sneak peek at his physical trainer, Mike Mancias.

Training under a personal trainer is an integral part of any NBA player’s offseason program. During the downtime, NBA players have to ensure that they have enough exercise and are keeping their long-term fitness in check. Many players also undergo weight training during the season when they can – during homestands, for instance.

LeBron James personal trainer- Mike Mancias

While most NBA players make do with trainers from their own team staff, LeBron James isn’t in that category. He has always taken exemplary care of his body. He met his current personal trainer Mike Mancias when the latter was part of the fitness staff of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003.

The autumn of 2003 was both Mancias and LeBron’s first preseason in the NBA. The two shared the same work ethic, principles and passions and bonded like glue. So it was only natural that once LeBron began wanting to increase his workload in the offseason, he turned to the best trainer he knew.

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Mancias took over all 5 major aspects of LeBron’s fitness regime – strength and conditioning, sports medicine and athletic training, nutrition, recovery and mental preparation. The main focus of Mancias’s work with LeBron is to help extend his career, work on his longevity as long as possible.

LeBron has played over 50000 minutes in playoff and regular season basketball through the course of his career. His fitness is still comparable to the very best young athletes in the NBA. One could even make the case that he’s still the most dominant athlete in the league. The contribution of Mancias to this cannot be ignored.

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