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LeBron James’ son Bronny James caught smoking a blunt in Instagram video; Lakers and NBA fans lose it

Samir Mehdi

Bronny James smoking a blunt

Bronny James caught smoking up on Instagram, LeBron James and Lakers fans absolutely lose it.

As if LeBron James did not have enough on his plate, with his team competing in the Western Conference Finals, a rather risqué video of Bronny surfaces online.

Bronny recently made headlines as he announced he will be joining the Esports gaming organization, Faze Clan. He will be be streaming under the moniker, Faze Bronny. He received hate for being chosen to be a part of Faze but LeBron took to Instagram to back his son up.

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However, with this video surfacing, not sure if LeBron James will be defending his eldest son.

Bronny has a 2 second video of him smoking, surface online.

With his father, LeBron James, not present at home, Bronny felt this was the perfect opportunity for him to try out something new: ‘a blunt’

In a short, 2 second clip, Bronny films himself smoking what appears to be a ‘blunt’

It is safe to assume that LeBron James and wife Savannah do not take lightly of this situation as Bronny is only 15 years of age.

Bronny himself did not post the clip, as the original tweet which had the video got deleted.

LeBron James was asked a week or so ago on why he did not bring his kids to the Bubble to visit, to which James responded, “There’s nothing to do here.”

Bronny has not yet lived up to the hype

The Sierra Canyon freshman has only played 6 varsity games, in which he averaged a mere 6.8 points. Though he is still young, he has not yet lived up to the hype that surrounded him when he was entering high school.

However, it is understood that being Lebron James’s son, the expectations to produce on the court would be through the roof.

It’s still very early on in his high school career and will be interesting to see how his sophomore year pans out.

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Samir Mehdi


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