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Luka Doncic’s Real Madrid Connection, has German Soccer Legend Worth $42 Million Cutting Cakes with Maverick Star’s Jersey! 

Jeet Pukhrambam

Luka Doncic's Real Madrid Connection, has German Soccer Legend Worth $42 Million Cutting Cakes with Maverick Star's Jersey! 

Luka Doncic is the man of the moment. The Slovenian phenom is leading the race for the MVP and it seems like there is no stopping him. The Mavericks superstar recently put up a historic run of games and that has attracted all the eyeballs.

So much so that a German soccer star even had his birthday cake dedicated to Luka! The rise of the superstar comes as no surprise to many, including yours truly.

Doncic has been stellar since his arrival in the NBA and it looks as though he is inching ever closer to the title of the best player in the NBA. But before he reaches that, he will need to scoop up a few accolades on the way, and garner more support!

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The Legend of Luka is well and alive in his first professional club

Luka’s resume is pretty good already, with 3 straight All-NBA First team appearances, and 3 straight all-star starter appearances, and this year, he might win an award or two.

There is a case to be made for him winning the most improved player, yes, most improved. Luka might also win the scoring title and scoop up the MVP award.

The hardware he will most want is the NBA championship. And he has support from fans worldwide, particularly fans from the city of Madrid. Luka Doncic played professionally for Real Madrid Basketball.

He has managed to make fans out of soccer players including German legend Toni Kroos!

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Toni Kroos’ Birthday cake is Luka Doncic’s jersey

The German midfielder is regarded as one of the best of his generation with a passing ability that is second to none. Seems as though Tony likens himself to Luka, as the latter is also a master of the pass.

Kroos’ Birthday, which was yesterday was celebrated with a cake that featured the Dallas Mavericks superstar’s jersey and his historic 60-21-10 stat line.

Here is the picture of the cake:

Kroos sure looks happy and he also has confirmed himself as a big fan of Luka. Surely, Doncic would appreciate this Real Madrid legend, who is worth well over $42 million, as a fan.

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