“Mark Cuban is a joke”: Skip Bayless is still sour about Mavericks owner destroying him on ESPN’s First Take, pulls up a 10-year-old clip

Akash Murty
|Published May 18, 2022

Mark Cuban first-hand saw his team’s savagery on the Suns in Game 7 of the Conference Semi-finals and became a savage himself after the game.

The same Phoenix Suns team that finished with the best record in the league and as the #1 team in the West with 68 wins in the season, lost the most important game by 33 points to Luka Doncic’s magic.

A win over Chris Paul and Co didn’t suffice Cuban and the owner of Mavericks decided to humble the rapper Lil Wayne.

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A long-time friend and supporter of CP3, Wayne, declared war on Luka during Game 4 of the recently concluded series, by calling Mavs superstar a “ho” on Twitter to which Mark responded in the hip-hop artist’s very own way.

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Fans called him a savage all over social media for doing that to one of the best rappers of all time using his own track. But it’s nothing new for Mark.

Mark Cuban once sent Skip Bayless straight to oblivion by destroying him in front of the whole world on the sets of ESPN’s First Take

Mark Cuban has been putting people in their place for a long time now. In 2012, a year after Mavericks had won their first NBA title, he went on ESPN’s First Take where Fox Sports Analyst Skip Bayless worked at the time and destroyed him in his own playground while discussing Heat’s victory over the OKC Thunder for the 2012 NBA Championship.

“You don’t ever use facts, you don’t ever use the substance.

First of all, you have the presumption that people care what you say. They don’t.”

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He simply thrashed Skip’s notion that Miami “played harder” than OKC, and makes Skip go dead quiet when he explains how the Mavericks stopped LeBron James last year. So, Mark Cuban really has been a proven savage all along.

Skip Bayless though is still not over it. It might be related to the exchange between Mark and Wayne though.

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Sure, Skip he’s a joke and the owner of a Basketball franchise that is going to play in the conference finals and you have the job of doing pre-/post-game shows on it.

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