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Michael Jordan couldn’t help but ask for a pair of Off-White Air Jordan 1s signed by $100 million figure

Arun Sharma

Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Julius Erving - 3 NBA Legends United by an Item Forbidden By the NBA

Virgil Abloh had a meteoric rise to fame – Even Michael Jordan could not stop himself from getting his autograph.

In a short amount of time, Virgil Abloh staked his claim to being Kanye West’s understudy to lead at Louis Vuitton. The man started from the bottom, and he was there. He was a revolutionary when it came to design, and big-name brands could not help but rope him in. When he started Off-White, not many people outside of avant-garde fashion knew who he was.

Yes, he had the occasional shirt or outfit pop-off, but that was it. When it was announced that he would be reworking a legendary silhouette like the Air Jordan 1, fans were scared. They were even more scared when Nike offered him 10 shoes. And then they came out. And oh my god, they CAME OUT! Fans went berzerk because they could not believe what they were seeing!

The Air Jordan 1 was reinvented for modern times, giving it a feeling of a sample yet retaining the essence of the shoe. The shoes revitalised an otherwise stale industry, and the eyes of Michael Jordan lit up when he saw the final outcome. He loved them so much that he personally called Nike just to get an autographed pair for himself.

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Michael Jordan inspired so many people in his life – Virgil Abloh was one of the many

Tremaine Emory, the assistant to the late fashion mogul, said this in an interview while trying to break the news to him: “You’re going to have a collab with Nike one day, with Jordans. And then Michael Jordan is going to text Nike and say, “I need a pair of those, and you gotta sign a pair for him.

Not just Mr. $100 million Virgil Abloh, others have also openly said MJ inspired them to be the best version of themselves. Kanye West, a huge Jordan fan, brought the Air Jordan 1 back from the dead, and the shoe has remained a mainstay ever since. Just like Kanye, Virgil has now made it commonplace to have exposed material, cut-out material, and a sample-like quality to the shoe.

Wanting an autograph from Michael Jordan is common; the man is a legend. Michael wants your autograph. That puts you in the top tier of celebrities. Virgil was just that, an A-lister with the attitude of a common man.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


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