“Michael Jordan didn’t change the game, Stephen Curry did”: Colin Cowherd makes a case about the Warriors MVP being the most influential player ever

Advait Jajodia
|Published May 30, 2022

As the Golden State Warriors make it to their 6th NBA Finals in 8 years, Colin Cowherd praises Stephen Curry for being a winning and influential player.

Stephen Curry lifted the first-ever Western Conference Finals MVP trophy and made it one step closer to winning his fourth NBA title. As the Warriors star could possibly add the missing FMVP award to his cabinet, analyst Colin Cowherd reveals why he doesn’t understand the hate and shade people throw toward Chef Curry.

On a recent appearance on “The Herd”, Colin praised the Warriors guard for being the most influential player to ever play. The Fox Sports analyst did give MJ the props for being the greatest ever but continued that it was because of Steph that basketball is played differently.

“I don’t get people, who don’t get Steph. He’s the most influential player ever. Michael Jordan had influence in marketing and style, clothes, winning at all costs. I’m not saying Michael did not have influence, he didn’t change the game. He was just the greatest player for a long time in the game. Literally, all of basketball is different because of Steph Curry. High school, AAU, college, pro, international – Steph Curry.”

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“Stephen Curry won before, with, and after Kevin Durant. Michael Jordan never won before and after Scottie Pippen”: Colin Cowherd

The 58-year-old Cowherd went on to laud The Baby-Faced Assassin for being a winning player. The analyst stated how Curry managed to win before, with, and now ever after Kevin Durant. He further highlighted how “His Airness” never won before and after Scottie Pippen. Showering Steph with love, Colin said:

“3 years ago, if you had taken a poll of NBA players over half would’ve chosen Russell Westbrook over Steph. Over half of them would’ve taken Harden over Steph. Those guys aren’t winning players. Sports is about winning games, it’s not about your Instagram following, it’s really not, it’s not about your shoe brand.

Kevin Durant doesn’t win anymore. Steph still wins. I get the style, I get the brand, I get the stats, he gets to be rich. But with Steph, it’s about winning. He won before KD, he won with KD and he won after KD. Michael Jordan never won before Pippen, and he didn’t win after Pippen.

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Curry has a real shot at adding a 4th ring and a Finals MVP trophy to his already-stacked cabinet and could further cement his legacy of being one of the greatest ever.

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