Cover Image for Michael Jordan not only owns a $15 million worth golf course, his golf game has helped a pro elevate his game

Michael Jordan not only owns a $15 million worth golf course, his golf game has helped a pro elevate his game

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Michael Jordan is widely known for his basketball prowess, but his golfing skills have helped a golfing champion improve his game.

The Bulls legend has accomplished what NBA players dream of doing in his career. Six championships, six Finals MVP’s, five NBA MVP’s, an obvious Hall of Fame induction, and much more has cemented Jordan’s legacy as the greatest NBA player of all time.

So, why was his career so confusing? Well, he retired thrice in his career, to give you some context. If that sounds weird to you, that’s because it is. His first retirement was by far the most surprising as it came only nine years into his career, and he had just started to win at the highest level, coming off of his first three-peat.

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Michael Jordan helped Rickie Fowler out with his golfing skills

Michael Jordan is so committed to golfing that he has his own private golf course called The Grove 23. He spent $15 million to build it. The course is set in Hobe Sound, Florida, and is nicknamed ‘Slaughterhouse XXIII’ because of Jordan’s dominance in his home course. You can find out why it’s called that here.

In short though, the course is tended to every day in a very specific way catering to Jordan’s playing style. This includes setting the back tees at specific points which puts guests at a disadvantage as they have to put the ball in tighter spots.

Five time golf champion Rickie Fowler is someone who Jordan golfs with often, and he said that those sessions have helped him immensely given how clutch MJ is.

“I’m lucky enough to call him a friend, and we play a decent amount; I’ll probably try and play with him here a couple times in the next week-and-a-half before I go out to the tournament,” Fowler explained.

“I think it’s very beneficial for me. One, you’re playing against MJ, one of the most clutch guys there is. He’s good, especially when you get him around the greens and putting. He’ll putt anyone straight up.”

“For people, when it’s their first time playing with him, or first few times — it’s Michael Jordan,” he added. Well, there you have it, no matter what the sport, Jordan finds a way to make an impact.

Of course, golfing is something the Bulls legend is very fond of, and he’s been at it since his playing days. Nevertheless, you never thought he’d be helping out a champion like Fowler.

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