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Michael Jordan’s “cocaine story” sent his 1985 Bulls teammates under the bus

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Mon Aug 08 2022

Michael Jordan has been the talking point of the NBA for decades, so when his documentary turned into a tell-all, former teammates were angry.

The Last Dance was seen as perhaps the one docuseries that shed the light on MJ’s story. It cast a spotlight on the man himself as he narrated his version of events.

Jordan’s career is legendary, he came in as one of the most promising athletes and left as the one who lived up to all the hype. Six titles, all won in spectacular fashion, earned not given.

Jordan’s legacy speaks for itself, but it was his persona and his ability to do the extraordinary that wowed everyone. So, when he talked about his life, naturally a lot of things had to come out. Among them was the infamous “cocaine story”.

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Michael Jordan’s cocaine story attracted heat from his teammates

Michael Jordan was an athlete par none. So when he started his career in the league, he wasn’t thrilled about the fact that his teammates were addicted to cocaine. Or so he says.

One teammate, Horace Grant did not take this too well. He was very upset about it and even said that MJ was lying. We don’t know how much truth would MJ’s words hold. But he did say it in a documentary series that glorified him.

Nonetheless, it was just a small stain in an otherwise shining career. Fun fact: Jordan also has a cocaine white Ferrari.

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