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Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine Picks Her Favorite Shoes to Wear to a Party from the Catalogue of $6.6 Billion Earning Brand

Prateek Singh

Michael Jordan's Daughter Jasmine Picks Her Favorite Shoes to Wear to a Party from the Catalogue of $6.6 Billion Earning Brand

Being the follow-up act to Michael Jordan is not an easy task to accomplish. However, the kids of the Chicago Bulls legend are expected to execute it to perfection. Recently, MJ’s daughter Jasmine Jordan was in conversation with Footwear News, where she unveiled how she is slowly trying to build her own legacy under the Jordan brand umbrella. Jasmine also talked about her favorite footwear, especially when she goes out for a special occasion.

Jasmine is no stranger to the sneaker culture, with her father being the influence behind the revolution that created a multi-billion-dollar industry (the Jordan Brand earned $6.6 billion in revenue in 2023). So, it’s obvious that the heir to the Jordan empire would have elite taste when it comes to picking her favorite shoes from the pile. Jasmine revealed during the interview that she owns over 500 pairs of Jordans and it’s difficult to pick one. When asked about her favorite pair for a special occasion, she said, “I would go between 1s or 11s and I’m leaning more towards 11s, they’re a little bit harder to style.”

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While the 11s get the preference for special occasions, they’re not her favorite shoes. Jasmine said that the A Ma Maniere Jordan 3s are her favorite shoes in her closet right now and she wears them very often. According to the 31-year-old, the clean silhouette on those shoes and the touch of grey and green on white make it easier for her to style with any outfit of her choice.

Now that MJ’s kids are also taking a serious liking in the business, it’ll be interesting to see if they can move the needle with their own vision.

Jasmine Jordan talked about being recognized as Michael Jordan’s daughter

MJ is one of the biggest sporting icons in the world to ever live. So, it’s understandable that everyone related to him is usually known by his name. However, it’s more of a problem for his kids because they never get to experience individuality in the outside world. At a panel discussion last year, Jasmine said, “As soon as I enter a room, that’s the first thing you’re going to see, that’s the first thing you’re going to expect and that’s the first thing you’re going to want to talk about and embrace.”

In an attempt to break out from her father’s shadow, Jasmine launched her own range of shoes with the Jordan brand, the Jasmine Jordan 1s in 2015. At the time, there were too many big players who dominated the market and as a result, she couldn’t make the wave she would’ve expected. She re-released those shoes in 2022 and now she is actively working with her dad’s brand to make a name for herself.

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