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“Mike D’Antoni spotted in Charlotte to meet Michael Jordan!”: Insider breaks massive news for LaMelo Ball and crew after Kenny Atkinson pulls out of head coach race

Tonoy Sengupta

"Mike D'Antoni spotted in Charlotte to meet Michael Jordan!": Insider breaks massive news for LaMelo Ball and crew after Kenny Atkinson pulls out of head coach race

LaMelo Ball and Hornets receive a massive boost in search for a head coach after lead candidate Kenny Atkinson pulls out of the race

Hornets news has been an absolute rollercoaster ride so far, after the end of their season.

First, after a much-criticized campaign this time around, former head coach James Borrego was sacked from his position. Then, the franchise began its formal search for a formal head coach, with names such as Mark Jackson and Quin Snyder being floated into the conversation.

THEN, as many of you will know, Warriors assistant coach Kenny Atkinson was chosen by the franchise. But of course, as was reported recently Atkinson chose to pull out of the race, choosing to try and win another ring with Golden State next season.

With their lead candidate looking the other way, and most other big names seeming uninterested now, the franchise was in quite the fix. But, as Insider source DKM recently reported, that could change very, very quickly.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Insider reports Mike D’Antoni is in Charlotte right now, potentially for an interview with LaMelo Ball and the Hornets

DKM may have started out as a YouTuber who showed a special interest in the Ball Family, but, over the years, the man has started to build a network in Charlotte. And now, he has become akin to something of a Shams Charania-esque figure, when it comes to Hornets news.

Why does this matter? Well, it’s because it’s one of this man’s sources that broke the news we’re about to bring right to you. Take a gander at the tweet below.

This is huge.

Up until now, the news had been that Mike D’Antoni had all but lost interest in the franchise. But, this sighting is a major, major argument for why that may not be the case anymore.

With Kenny Atkinson out of the picture, it feels like a no-brainer to hire this man for the job ahead of next season.

And if Michael Jordan does end up shining the green light on this one, just imagine how much the team, and LaMelo Ball in particular could benefit from this. After all D’Antoni is something of an expert when it comes to star point guards, isn’t he?

Steve Nash, James Harden (while under Mike, at least), and now, potentially, LaMelo Ball?

This is going to be fun.

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