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Multi-Millionaire Charles Barkley called TNT producer a p***y on-air alongside Reggie Miller

Raahib Singh
|Sat Aug 13 2022

NBA legend Charles Barkley doesn’t hold back, even if he is talking about the person cutting him the cheques

Charles Barkley played in the NBA for 16 seasons During that time, he made a significant mark on the league and is considered one of the best players the league has seen. The 6’6 forward was nominated into the NBA’s Top 50 team, and then again, a part of the NBA 75 team.

After his successful basketball career, he transitioned into a wildly successful media career. Chuck joined TNT as an analyst and became a part of Inside the NBA. Over the years, Charles and Shaquille O’Neal have helped the show become one of the best basketball analysis shows.

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Combining his NBA earnings with the endorsements and TV money, Chuck is worth over $50 million. The big man might have had a lot more, if he thought before saying the things he usually says. His controversial statements have landed him in trouble quite often. He was bound to be in deep trouble when he said sh*t for his producer.

Charles Barkley called his producer a p***y

Since his playing days, Barkley has never kept his tongue in check. The star player has been known to say controversial things, and often land himself in trouble. The same got amplified when Chuck got a TV platform as an NBA analyst.

After Game 6 of the Magic-Cavaliers Eastern Conference Finals in 2009, Ernie Johnson was thanking their producer.

“By the way, Tim Kiely our producer, the absolute best in the business, so thanks to TK.”

Chuck couldn’t hold back, and pretended to cough while muttering, “P***y!”

This left Reggie Miller baffled, and he called out the Chuckster. “What are you doing? What is wrong with you?”

Chuck very innocently asked, “What I do?”

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This habit of Chuck’s is what people love the most about him. He never filters what’s in his head, even if it means landing himself in trouble.

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