Cover Image for Charles Barkley fakes a 405lb bench press to beat Shaquille O’Neal in front of The Rock

Charles Barkley fakes a 405lb bench press to beat Shaquille O’Neal in front of The Rock

Hemanth Amar
|Tue Aug 09 2022

Shaquille O’Neal, a Lakers legend, once lost a weightlifting challenge to co-analyst Charles Barkley, with movie stars Dwayne Johnson and Mark Walhberg acting as spotters.

Even after retiring from the NBA many seasons ago, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are fierce competitors. Both are NBA Hall of Famers who works as analysts for Turner Sports on NBA on TNT.

O’Neal and Barkley are two of the greatest players the league has ever seen, and their rivalry is understandable. They’ve always been on opposing sides and have had a few spats. Their post-basketball careers provided them with a platform to disagree once more as NBA analysts.

Barkley never won an NBA championship despite his talent. This has been used as a wild card by O’Neal in debates. Physical altercations are not permitted on the professional side of the league, but their arguments and bickering provide entertainment.

Their co-hosts Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith are among those who enjoy watching them spar with words. Members of the NBA on TNT frequently engage in activities that put them to the test, and one such occasion led to a weightlifting competition.

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Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne Johnson are defeated in a weightlifting competition by Charles Barkley and Mark Walhberg

Dwayne Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal are two of the most successful athletes in history. They have both overcome numerous obstacles and challenges in their lives.

However, despite having his good friend Dwayne Johnson on his side, Shaquille O’Neal once lost a challenge to Charles Barkley.

Barkley and O’Neal used to compete in the Pain & Gain Liftoff challenge. During this challenge, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal were supported by Pain & Gain stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, respectively. The two NBA legends had to perform bench presses with varying weights in this Pain & Gain Liftoff challenge.

 They both completed 135-pound, 225-pound, and 315-pound bench presses in the first three rounds, respectively.

Shaquille O’Neal failed to perform a 405-pound bench press in the fourth round. Following Shaq’s failure, Charles Barkley took advantage of the opportunity and successfully performed a 405-pound bench press to defeat Shaquille O’Neal.

“Shaquille is a sore loser,” Charles Barkley said after his victory. After all, they got to see two NBA legends square off against each other in this Pain & Gain challenge, so this challenge may have piqued the fans’ interest.

Furthermore, the outcome of the thing challenge may have surprised a few people. Because, between Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, Shaq appears to be the more powerful player. However, it was Barkley who came out on top in this bench press challenge.

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