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NBA Head coach salary: What is the average NBA coach salary?

Pranav Nayar

NBA Head Coach Salary

A NBA head coach’s salary has to be one of the highest coaching salaries in world sport. Here we look at how much top NBA coacher earn in a year. 

NBA is the richest and highest revenue-generating basketball league anywhere in the world. Arguably the coaches have the toughest job of anyone in the sport. They have to manage an entire team filled with big-name superstars. Keeping everyone on the same page, coming up with crucial match-winning tactics, facing the media are all part of the job.

Despite all this pressure NBA coaches don’t make the same amount of money as compared to the players. Still, it is one of the highest paying jobs around.

Now, the average NBA Head caoch earns around $3 million/year with the top one’s earning somewhere in the bracket of $7-$11 million.

NBA Head coach salaries are determined by the coach’s perceived value in the market and the amount of money that franchises can shell out to secure their services.

Let’s see the NBA coaches who make top dollars.

5) Billy Donovan – OKC ($6 million)

Donovan signed a 5-year contract worth $30 million when he signed with OKC in 2015. That contract will come to an end at the end of this season. Donovan is highly regarding for his defensive tactics and has coached players like Al Horford and Joakim Noah.

Donovan hasn’t been able to transform OKC as title contenders during his tenure. It might be possible that this might be his last season with the franchise.

4)Scott Brooks- Washington Wizards ($7 million)

Brooks was appointed as the Wizards head coach in 2016 from OKC. He coached the likes of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden at OKC leading them to great heights.

The former coach of the year (2010) hasn’t had the best time with the Wizards, due to constant injuries to stars as John Wall and Bradley Beal the team has never been able to fulfill its potential. Despite the frustrating few seasons he is one of the highest-paid coaches in the league.

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3)Rick Carlisle- Dallas Mavericks ($7 million)

Carlisle has been with the Mavs since 2008. He is the second longest-serving coach currently in the league. He led the Mavs to their only NBA title in 2011 with Dirk Nowitzki leading the charge. Under him, Mavs were part of a great rivalry against the Miami Heat.

He would be hoping to bring back the glory days with now Luca Doncic leading a young team forward. Carlisle signed a five-year extension with the Mavericks worth $35 million.

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2) Doc Rivers- LA Clippers ($10 million)

Rivers won the coach of the year award in his first season coaching with the Orlando Magic. But his most famous run came with the Boston Celtics where he coached from 2004-2013 winning the championship in 2008. Currently at the LA Clippers since 2013 he has never had a title-winning team.

Now, with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the team, Rivers will be hoping to win the Clippers’ first title ever. In November 2019, Rivers won his 900th game with the Clippers.

A good run in the NBA Bubble, and Rivers could very well engrave his name in NBA History again.

1) Gregg Popovich- San Antonio Spurs ($11 million)

One of the greatest coaches to ever coach in the NBA, Popovich has been with the Spurs since 1996. Making him the longest-serving coach with one franchise in the associations’ history.

A 5-time NBA champion as a coach, he has coached the likes of Tim Duncan, David Robinson, and Kawhi Leonard. He is the current coach of the US men’s national basketball team as well. Popovich signed a three-year contract worth $33 million making him the highest-paid coach in the league.

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