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Biggest NBA Contract: Top 10 player contracts in NBA History

Tanishk Thilakan

The Biggest NBA contract with respect to total value currently belongs to James Harden. Here we look at the top 10 players in the list.

Although stars like Lebron, Giannis, Kawhi, George and Davis are some of the biggest names in the league, they still don’t make it to the top-10. James is the highest earning superstar in the league(endorsements and salaries combined).

But his 4-year $153 million deal does not make it to the this list. Superstars like Giannis and Davis will sign a max-contract in the upcoming years which might propel them to the top of the list.

Here we look at the top 10 player contracts in the entire league.

1- James Harden Contract (Houston Rockets)

James Harden contract

James Harden is one of the biggest names in the NBA today and is also the face of the Rockets. The former MVP is one of the biggest scorers in the entire league.

The Beard has a mammoth 6-year contract with the Rockets which he signed in the year 2017. He will earn an average of $38 million per season.

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2- Russell Westbrook Contract (Houston Rockets)

Russell Westbrook contract

The former MVP winner is one of the best guards in the game. He also averaged a staggering triple-double for 3 seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunders. Westbrook had signed a 5-year contract with the Thunders back in 2018 worth $207 million.

The 8-time All-star was traded to the Rockets this past season where he reunited with his former Thunders’ teammate James Harden.

3- Stephen Curry Contract (Golden State Warriors)

Stephen Curry contract

The 3-point specialist has been instrumental in the Warriors reaching 5 consecutive NBA finals. The 3-time NBA champion has been with the Warriors ever since his debut in the league.

Golden State also seem to value their superstar and have tied him down to a mammoth contract which makes him the highest earning NBA superstar(from franchise’ contracts). The only unanimous MVP in NBA history signed a $201 million contract in 2017 which averages around $40 million and keeps him with the Warriors till 2022.

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4- Damian Lillard Contract (Portland Trail Blazers)

The cover star of NBA 2k21 signed a contract this year for a reported $196 million which keeps with the Blazers for another 4 years. Lillard has been one of the best point guards in the league. While he hasn’t won a championship yet, the Blazers have a decent chance to build a championship team around their star man.

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5- Klay Thompson Contract (Golden State Warriors)

Klay Thompson contract

The other half of the Splash brothers has been one of the best players in the Golden State lineup. His injury was a major blow in the Warriors’ quest for a three-peat last season where they lost to the Raptors.

Thus, Golden State has been smart enough to tie down their shooting guard to a long time contract which will ensure that he sees out his prime with them. Klay signed a 5-year contract for around $190 million in 2019.

6- Tobias Harris Contract ( Philadelphia 76ers)

Tobias Harris contract

The 76ers forward has played for 5 teams in the league upon his debut in 2011.

The 76ers re-signed him to a $180 million contract in 2019 after he was traded from the Clippers a year ago.

7- Khris Middleton Contract (Milwaukee Bucks)

Khris Middleton contract

Middleton has been one of the best players for the Bucks this season. He has been an effective number 2 behind the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo and have led the Bucks to the top of the eastern conference.

Middleton was signed by the Bucks to a 5-year deal in 2019. His contract is worth a reported $177 million.

8- Blake Griffin (Detroit Pistons) and John Wall Contract (Washington Wizards)

Blake Griffin contract

Blake Griffin signed a $171 million contract in 2017. Griffin has been unfortunate with injuries in his career. The former Rookie of the Year Award winner has been plagued by injuries this season too.

5-time NBA all star John Wall has been one of the best players for the Wizards ever since he was picked as their number one pick in the 2010 NBA draft. Wall signed a 4 year $171 million contract last year. However, he hasn’t played for the Wizards this season due to a string of injuries.

9- Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets) and Ben Simmons Contract (Philadelphia 76ers)

Ben Simmons contract

Ben Simmons has been one of the best players in the 76ers team this season. Although Simmons has come under severe criticism for some aspects of his game, he still remains the leading man in the 76ers set-up. The multi-time All-star signed a 5-year contract with the 76ers for a reported $170 million.

The Nuggets have been one of the best teams in the western conference this season. Murray has been playing some great basketball for the Nuggets and also made two game-winning shots this season. Jamal signed a 5-year $170 million maximum deal with the Nuggets in 2017. Murray averages 14.8 points per game in his NBA career.

10- Kevin Durant Contract (Brooklyn Nets)

Kevin Durant contract

The 2-time NBA champion is one of the best players in the league. Durant sent shockwaves through the league when he swapped the Warriors for the Nets. Durant had signed a $164 million contract in 2019 with the Warriors for a 4-year deal which would have earned his an average of $41 million per year.

Although Durant has not played this season, his Nets will surely be one of the favorites to win the eastern conference next season.

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