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New Balance Rich Paul: What Is Unique About The Sports Agent’s Collaboration With NB?

Advait Jajodia

New Balance Rich Paul: What Is Unique About The Sports Agent's Collaboration With NB?

It is not often that sports agents receive more popularity than athletes. However, being one of the most celebrated agents in the industry has helped Rich Paul develop his personal brand alongside the success of Klutch Sports Group. A collaboration with New Balance has been a result of the rise in Paul’s popularity.

Back in 2023, New Balance collaborated with Rich Paul in launching a colorway for the latter in their most popular shoes – the 550s. The colorway was called “Forever Yours” and launched on July 14th. Shifting the focus away from sports and/or entertainment, the sports agency’s CEO and founder aimed to spread love through his lilac sneakers and rose graphics.

“When you think about somebody loving something, you automatically go to the color red,” Rich Paul told Esquire. “And I didn’t want to do that, so I wanted to throw it off a little bit. I felt like that gray-violet colorway would be soft and a nice touch to summertime.”

While the shoes are out of stock on the official website, interested sneakerheads can get their hands on the same by spending anywhere between $150 – $280 (originally priced at $130) on reselling platforms such as StockX.

It is worth noting that Rich Paul’s collaboration with New Balance is entirely different than Klutch Sports Group’s association with the same brand.

Even before the “Forever Yours” Rich Paul X New Balance 550s launched, Klutch Sports Group partnered up with New Balance to launch Klutch Athletics. The new company is recognized as a completely different entity and focuses on providing performance training apparel that includes footwear and clothes for various sports such as basketball, soccer, athletics, and others.

“When you think about the co-branding, you’ll see a green New Balance tag, which you’ve never seen before. That’s only on Klutch Athletics, and it’s a play on community and the field of play. When you think about being a kid, being out in the backyard or the front yard, and finding that first patch of grass,” Rich Paul said, per Andscape.

Over the past year, there have been more items added to the Klutch Athletics collection thanks to the love that the collaboration has received in the market.

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