“Nia Long is a Bad B*tch”: John Salley Sends His Heart Out to Actress While Diminishing Ime Udoka’s Chances of Getting a Coaching Job Again

Akash Murty
|Published 08/11/2022

Following a year when Kyrie Irving sent everyone in Brooklyn to trauma, and before Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole, Ime Udoka arguably sparked the biggest controversy in the NBA with his cheating scandal. And John Salley is heartbroken for Nia Long about it.

What started with news about a suspension for the Boston Celtics Head Coach for breaking some rules at the workplace, quickly came out as an affair/s he had with staff member/s in the Celtics management.

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As a result, he was suspended by the C’s for at least a year just before the start of the 2022-23 season. Now when Brooklyn Nets got rid of Steve Nash, they were and still might be assessing the situation to hire Udoka.

But a multiple championship winner thinks it’s over for the 2022 NBA Finals coach.

John Salley believes Ime Udoka is never going to be a Head Coach again, has sympathy for Nia Long

In a recent interview with NFL legend Shannon Sharpe on his podcast Club Shay Shay, former 4x NBA Champ with the Pistons and the Lakers, John Salley, gave his unfiltered opinion on the Udoka scandal.

When Sharpe asked Salley if Ime will coach an NBA team again, he said “No! Hells No.”

He went on to pour his heart out for the actress Nia Long with whom Udoka was in an active relationship when this whole scandal took place.

“My heart goes out to my friend Nia for this. She don’t wanna be known for this. She’s a actress, she’s a director, she’s a mom, she’s a bad b*tch” Salley said.

John did go off the rails a bit and tried to confess his crush on the actress when they were young. But he came back on Ime and said that not even a college team would give him an HC job anymore.

Does Udoka stand a chance to coach again?

It is most probably never going to happen. Not with Brooklyn Nets for sure, not when there are Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving who didn’t even have much regard for a legendary point guard when Nash was first hired for that job.

Imagine what instructions would they take from a man who is coming off a big scandal betraying his life partner recently? And that too, to somebody who was never more than a role player in the league.

In this cruel and barely fair world, if it was somebody of Isiah Thomas’ stature it could have been possible. But leading a team to the NBA Finals isn’t enough for someone like Udoka to wash off his dirty doings.

It’s all fair if you think about the life and relationships of women working in the Celtics organization who were almost all caught in the rumors of having relationships with Ime.

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