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Nikola Jokic’s Teammate Gets Candid on Leaking NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s Number By Accident

Sourav Bose

Nikola Jokic's Teammate Gets Candid on Leaking NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's Number By Accident

What’s the worst mistake an NBA rookie could make? Well, Nikola Jokic’s teammate, Michael Porter Jr, may just have the worst one there, as he hilariously ended up leaking the commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver’s mobile number during his very first year. And during a recent interview appearance, he got into all the nitty-gritty details of everything that happened.

In the recent episode of Curious Mike, the 25-year-old revealed the intricate details of the tense situation to Team President Josh Kroenke. It circled the 2019 rookie transition camp with the league making an active effort to educate its newcomers. However, Porter Jr was focused on anything but education following the unfolding of unprecedented events.

Reminiscing about the incident, he mentioned, “I just took a picture of the room on Snapchat but his number was posted on the screen. I didn’t even realize I posted it…My sister replied to it and was like, ‘You know you just put Adam Silver’s number out there’. So, I looked at the post and it already had a thousand screenshots”.

The instant buzz surrounding the situation eventually caught the attention of the NBA officials. Porter Jr promptly stepped forward to take accountability to prevent the situation from escalating. Admitting to breaching the Commissioner’s privacy, MPJ willingly apologized on stage, ending the drama altogether.

Looking back, Porter Jr admitted that he could only remember the funnier parts of his story now. However, during that time, he wholeheartedly believed that the governing body would kick him out of the league for his actions. While that may seem hilarious, given how intricate the NBA is about keeping the privacy of its personnel, it really is hard to blame Porter for expecting the worst.

Yet, the seemingly understanding nature of Silver and the remainder of the NBA representatives allowed him a second chance. The youngster has apparently capitalized on it well, showcasing his maturity both on and off the court since.

The intricate details of the leak from Michael Porter Jr

Nikola Jokic's Teammate Gets Candid on Leaking NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's Number By Accident
Apr 20, 2024; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. (1) walks off the court during the first quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers in game one of the first round for the 2024 NBA playoffs at Ball Arena. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

On that occasion, the Indiana-born had accidentally posted a screenshot containing all the personal details of Silver. From his work email address to his office number and personal cell phone number, all of it became public in just a matter of seconds. Recently, an NBA fan account named ‘DOM’ posted the exact screenshot from his account, reflecting on the hilarious negligence of Porter Jr.

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The consequences were heavy on the NBA Commissioner with the fans starting texting him endlessly as soon as they saw his contact information. It led to an unprecedented hassle for the league during that time. Silver eventually had to change each of his contact details to put an end to this unprecedented inconvenience.

Porter Jr escaped severe punishment, yet his endeavors provided guidelines into ‘what not to do as a rookie’. The NBA since has also taken measures to ensure it never happens again. This unfortunate error resulted in a rather large and wide scale of changes. It’s easy to imagine that this still has Porter just the teensiest bit embarrassed to this very day.

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