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“Old Damn”: LeBron James Interrupts Anthony Davis’ 30th Birthday Wishes By Mocking His Age

Amulya Shekhar

"Old Damn N***a!": LeBron James Interrupts Anthony Davis' 30th Birthday Wishes By Mocking His Age

Anthony Davis and LeBron James prove themselves to be bosom friends despite contrasting reports being floated out by some news sources.

AD and LeBron constitute perhaps the most fearsome duo in the NBA today. They won a championship in their first season together and looked irresistible doing so.

However, the two haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to health. Both Davis and LeBron have been injury-prone over the past 3 seasons since their bubble championship.

Davis played in just 36 games during the shortened 2020-21 NBA season. He didn’t do much better in 2021-22, playing 40 games out of 82. He’s appeared 41 times this year and has 16 more games to go in the regular season.

The two possess an 89-47 record in games that they’ve played together over the past 4 seasons. There’s no doubt that when they’re clicking, they are still championship contenders – especially with the supporting cast they now have.

They also have great chemistry together, as evidenced by many Lakers insiders over the years.

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LeBron James jokingly calls Anthony Davis ‘old’ at his 30th birthday celebrations

Anthony Davis put together a very impressive showing against Memphis. Davis put together a 30/20 game to lead the Lakers to the dub in a tight game.

With the Lakers in action against the Raptors during the hours leading up to his 30th birthday, his family decided to celebrate it a day earlier. Somebody present at the celebration managed to capture a funny moment at the event.

LeBron James, who turned 38 a couple of months back, interjected the guests’ rendition of the birthday song by calling Anthony Davis an ‘old damn ‘. The irony of the situation elicited laughter from everyone present.

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What are the Lakers’ chances during this year’s playoffs?

Since acquiring Jarred Vanderbilt, D’Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley, the Lakers have proven themselves to be a much-improved outfit compared to last season or earlier this year. Losing Westbrook definitely seems like addition by subtraction thus far.

The Lakers have the league’s best defensive rating over the past month, 2 points per 100 possessions clear of the competition. Defense was also their staple recipe during their championship run in 2019-20.

No team would want to face the Lakers if they make the postseason this year. Healthy LeBron and AD are an absolute handful for the other 29 teams to deal with.

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