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“One non-Wilt Chamberlain stat that will not be broken? Rasheed Wallace’s 41 Tech fouls in a season!”: The Detroit man was called the Dirty 30 for a reason

Arun Sharma

"One non-Wilt Chamberlain stat that will not be broken? Rasheed Wallace's 41 Tech fouls in a season!": The Detroit man was called the Dirty 30 for a reason

Wilt Chamberlain has records that may never be broken – but Rasheed Wallace has one that even he cannot top.

Wilt Chamberlain was a walking cheat code – he did all he did while wearing high-top converses. He played like an athletic freak of nature who could not be stopped by almost anyone but himself.

But while most of those records he created were on the offensive side of things, there is one record Rasheed Wallace holds Wilt would have never come close to in his playing career.

Sheed, or Dirty 30 he was called more fondly, was one helluva defender – but he was also aggressive like no other. During his Portland days, he racked up an eye-watering 79 tech fouls in 2 seasons, with him breaking his record in consecutive seasons.

This record is unbreakable in today’s NBA, with the number of games one would get suspended for. 41 technical fouls is a stat that absolutely no one in this game would ever break – not even Grayson Allen or Patrick Beverley could come close to that feat.

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Wilt Chamberlain may have cemented himself in the annals of history books with some of his ludicrous seasons

Wilt Chamberlain and Rasheed Wallace are two big men this game remembers for two polar opposite reasons. One is known for his supreme athletic abilities, the other for his ability to rack up techs just for staring at referees.

The league did not like Wallace, and the feeling was mutual. The league made this achievement almost untouchable because, in 2006, the rule change effectively made it impossible to break. After 16 fouls, the player would be fined and suspended for a game. This means that every game after that he would be playing alternate games while racking up one.

This record is somewhat similar to the record Wilt set himself, with the 100-point game. For someone to break it is near impossible, the intensity and all. Kobe Bryant came close with 81 points, but that is about it. High volume 3s and getting fouled like James Harden needs to be the combination to beat it.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


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