“One, Two, Freddie’s coming for you”: LA Lakers legend LeBron James ready to go trick or treating with haunting Halloween costume of Freddie Krueger that will scare the living daylight of fans

Joe Viju
|Published October 31, 2021

NBA superstar LeBron James recently took to Instagram and posed in a scary Freddie Krueger costume as part of the Halloween celebrations.

It’s Halloween season in the NBA, and that can mean only one thing. Our favourite stars dressing up and taking part in the Halloween spirit.

LeBron James has always aspired to be the best on the court. Moreover, he tries to emulate the same even with off-the-court activities. As a result, The King always goes out all out during Halloween and tries to win the best costume vote in the hearts of the fans.

Over the years, LeBron James’ Halloween images have been always been quite noteworthy. From dressing up as Edward Scissorhands with knives in his fingers to dressing up and performing as Prince, the Lakers star takes pride in his spooky outfits.

This year is no different. The 4x NBA champion took to Instagram to post a picture of his Halloween costume. LeBron was seen donning an insanely detailed Freddy Kreuger costume.

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Oof, that is actually quite terrifying! Freddy Krueger’s haunting face, gloves with distinctive claws, and even a hat! LeBron went all out this year, and this is certainly the top of the list of the best costumes.

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“Scary on the court and off the court”: LeBron James’ Halloween costume has NBA Twitter in splits

Many NBA players wear Halloween costumes, but some go one step further. A good example: Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. The 17x All-Star suited up as Freddie Krueger, inspired by the movie series ‘A nightmare on Elm Street.’ His post went viral and check out a few reactions here:

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As of now, not many other NBA players have revealed who they dressed up as for Halloween. However, when it comes to who has the best Halloween costume in the NBA, expect LeBron James’ fit to be up there.

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