“Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Blake Griffin, and who?”: Austin Reaves joins an elite list of NBA rookies

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Published April 11, 2022

Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Blake Griffin, and Austin Reaves are the only players to drop 30-15-10 as rookies. 

The Los Angeles Lakers took the final win of the NBA season as they bow out in style. For most of the season, the team has been under a microscope.

Every action the lakers have taken is insanely well documented and scrutinized. Naturally, their failure to reach the play-in tournament brought about a lot of hate.

Today, their season came to a close and there might just be a silver lining here. The Lakers beat the Nuggets in overtime and while both teams featured young players and second-string rosters, LA’s young bunch looked bright.

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Oscar Robertson and Austin Reaves: The Lakers rookie finds himself in good company

If you find yourself in the same statement as Oscar Robertson, you should feel proud. We are sure this is how Austin Reeves must be feeling too!

He recorded a monstrous triple-double in the overtime win over the Nuggets. 31 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists is a stat line that is no joke.

The rookie has been solid all year and today he showed out when he was given the opportunity. Malik Monk dropped a career-high 41 points to add to the solid night.

The Lakers’ young players have done great things just before the season ends. There is fresh hope in the LA outfit now that their young stars have shown they are capable ballers.

What’s to come of the youngsters and the franchise? We will find out this summer.

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