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“Our Shoes Are More Than Footwear”: Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife Uses a ‘Gucci Shoe’ to Promote Her Luxury Online Boutique

Rishabh Bhatnagar

“Our Shoes Are More Than Footwear”: Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife Uses a ‘Gucci Shoe’ to Promote Her Luxury Online Boutique

It looks as though Juanita Vanoy has taken a leaf or two out of her ex-husband Michael Jordan’s playbook. The 64-year-old recently posted a pair of Gucci shoes on her Instagram in a bid to promote her recently established Juanita World online store, which deals in authentic designer goods. 

Vanoy received a whopping $168 million settlement from the legendary Michael Jordan after the end of their marriage in 2006. And now, she appears to inculcate the same kind of entrepreneurial spirit that is very apparent in her $3.3 billion-worth ex-husband. ‘Juanita’s World’ claims to be resellers of authentic luxury items that are sourced personally by Vanoy.

Claiming to specialize in selling affordably-priced items from brands whose prices are generally eye-watering, Vanoy’s website showcases a range of fashionable accessories and clothing items. The Instagram post included a picture of a flashy pair of black Gucci shoes, alongside multiple claims. 

“Step into a world of authenticity and luxury. Our shoes are more than footwear, they’re a statement of sophistication and timeless elegance. Exclusively available at where true style meets unparalleled craftsmanship. ✨ ✅ORDER TODAY! ,” the caption read.

Of course, considering that she now has an online business to run, the above post is hardly the only recent one that featured the variety of products Juanita World offers. Interestingly enough, none of the products listed on the website appear to be sourced from her ex-husband’ Jordan brand.

Moreover, Vanoy ironically used a Gucci shoe to promote her store, when Michael Jordan was out there earning hundreds of millions every year from Air Jordan. Surely, there is enough demand for the brand to also feature on Juanita World.

The Michael Jordan family appears to be business-savvy

While his ex-wife is up with her marketplace, MJ himself is a financial monster. Jordan’s $94 million earnings dwarf in comparison to the kind of money he now rolls around in.

MJ is said to have made more than $250 million from Nike via his Air Jordan brand alone, which is in addition to a recently concluded $3 billion+ sale of the Charlotte Hornets, which is also set to bring in the money. Moreover, his son Marcus Jordan does not lag as well. He is the founder of the high-end online sneaker store ‘Trophy Room’.

The 33-year-old only recently revealed that his father was heavily involved with the Air Jordan brand and products would be regularly sent to him. He also claimed that MJ, being who he is, also lets the designers know if he does not like a particular shoe.

Marcus revealed that his father was initially not fond of the Jordan 7s, but ultimately changed his mind when he saw someone wearing them.

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