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‘Paul George could be traded away from LA’: Clippers players give PG13 negative reviews in exit interviews

Amulya Shekhar
|Wed Sep 30 2020

Following a disastrous end to their NBA championship challenge, the Los Angeles Clippers might be considering a trade for Paul George in just one season.

Paul George was a disappointment through his first season in Los Angeles. He blew hot and cold on offense during the regular season, and the bright lights of the playoffs seemed to get to him.

Barring 2 30-point games, George ended up shooting some of the worst percentages of his career. He barely managed to average 20 points per game and got picked apart on defense by Luka Doncic and Jamal Murray.

Paul George receives negative reviews from teammates in exit interviews

Speaking on his podcast ‘Straight Fire’, Jason McIntyre of Fox Sports has made this sensational but eminently possible claim that Paul George rubbed his Clippers teammates the wrong way.

In the exit interviews, the Clippers players called out PG13 and McIntyre believes, Clippers might ship him out, if they get a good deal.

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The Clippers have seemed like the picture of dysfunction in the last couple of weeks. Getting knocked out of the playoffs to a team with less talent has exposed many cracks in the team’s morale and unity.

Doc Rivers’ firing was also one of the more surprising yet expected coaching changes in the NBA.

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Unless they are able to put a similarly talented team around Kawhi Leonard, their title contention window may well have passed them.

There is certainly going to be more pressure than ever on both the front office and the coaching staff next season. Expect some roster shakeups and an unconventional head coaching choice.

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