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Paul Pierce Hilariously Calls Out Kevin Garnett For Having No ‘Off Button’

Abhishek Dhariwal

Paul Pierce Hilariously Calls Out Kevin Garnett For Having No 'Off Button'

Paul Pierce joined forces with Kevin Garnett in the Boston Celtics before the 2007-08 season. The two not only won an NBA championship together but also developed a bond beyond basketball that is prevalent to this day. So, when asked how it was being friends with one of the best trash-talkers of the league, Pierce’s hilarious response summed up Garnett’s personality perfectly.

Pierce was recently asked to give his two cents on his relationship with Kevin Garnett over the years. Making an appearance on ‘The Dan LeBatard Show’, The Truth said,

“If he smells signs of weakness, he got you. That’s just him, man. He don’t got no off button. I mean, it look like he was getting ready for Game 7 in that interview with Stephen A. It’s like, everytime he talk, he go into a lather. I’m like, ‘Damn, dog. Chill out, we just chilling in the backyard watching the game.’”


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The Celtics legend highlighted a significant trait of Garnett’s personality, his competitiveness. The Big Ticket was known to get into his opponents’ minds with his excessive trash-talking and if he sensed fear, Garnett would constantly bully him throughout all four quarters.

Pierce hilariously mentioned how Garnett just does not know when to quit or stop, which has, in turn, led to quite a few squabbles on the floor. The 15-time All-Star is always on 100% of his energy, even during his playing days, when he gave it all on the floor.

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This seems to have transitioned into his personality, based on what Paul Pierce had to say about Garnett’s emotions even while watching games in the backyard. He has also taken the same energy to his post-retirement venture. 

Kevin Garnett’s podcast is gaining traction

Professional sports athletes usually have a tough time transitioning into the latter half of their lives. Living their first 10 to 20 years with a strict regimen, including diets and working out, many former athletes tend to find another outlet.

Since retiring from the league, KG has gained a lot of success in the world of podcasts, along with his former teammate, Paul Pierce. A player-turned-analyst, it was surprising to see a former athlete interview a veteran analyst like Stephen A. Smith.

In his interaction with the veteran analyst, the 2004 NBA MVP learned a lot about media ethics and how to keep it real. Their conversation ranged from new NBA deals to even politics. Garnett did an amazing job matching Stephen A. Smith’s energy throughout the interview, proving his mettle in the media world.

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