“Peter Moore, The man behind the Air Jordan 1 and the 3 stripes of Adidas is no more”: Legendary sneaker designer and visionary passes away at the age of 78

Arun Sharma
|Published 01/05/2022

Peter Moore was a man who was behind the most iconic sneaker in the past 40 years – and also the rebranding of Adidas.

Ever since the debut of Michael Jordan in 1984, he was blessed with incredible drip on his feet. The credit should go to Peter Moore, the man who took the sneaker industry by storm. 37 years ago, nobody but him would have envisioned the revolution he was about to bring to the sneaker industry.

The man behind the iconic wings logo emblazoned on the Air Jordan 1s, Moore was the key point in even getting Jordan on board to sign with Nike. The brand was looking at the 1984 draft class to sign one franchise-leading athlete, and the task fell to Sonny Vaccaro. An executive who was trusted with the task of getting someone in the realm of Magic Johnson on board.

They had failed to sign him a few years ago when Magic chose hard cash by converse over stocks offered by Nike. But that is a story for a different day.  They needed to get something going, and Jordan was the perfect fit. For he made the game-winning finals shot in 1982, a game that made him a household name.

To get him Peter Moore was roped in, and he gave him the Air Jordan 1. From then on, there was no looking back.

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Peter Moore was a name not recognized by many – but he left a lasting impression on everyone’s lives

Not only was Moore employed by Nike, but he also worked with Adidas. His work is more notable for the German brand than the American sports manufacturer. For he brought to the world the iconic 3 stripes mountain, which is on the side and every box of Adidas since.

Jordan always wanted to sign with the 3 stripes, more like the trefoil. He was apprehensive about signing with Nike, in truth, it was just an upcoming brand. He wanted to sign with them because those shoes felt worn in, even new.

Moore made sure that the shoe fit the requirement of the G.O.A.T tech-wise, look wise, and feel wise. A leather high cut shoe that did not make him feel like he was off the wooden floor too much. Imagine making the most iconic shoe of all time, and living 37 years past the original release date to see the world love your creation.

That is what Peter Moore did, and he deserves every bit of love that he should get.

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