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“Rent is Too Expensive”: Ecstatic Over WNBA’s Player Housing, Cameron Brink Opens Up About Living in LA

Shubham Singh

"Rent is Expensive": Ecstatic Over WNBA's Player Housing, Cameron Brink Opens Up About Living in LA

In the 2024 WNBA Draft, Cameron Brink was on cloud nine after being selected as the #2 pick by the Los Angeles Sparks. However, she soon realized that playing for LA and living in the city are completely different struggles. While kickstarting her pro hoops journey in LA, Brink has realized that the cost of living is too high. In a laughter-infused appearance on ‘Podcast P with Paul George’, the Sparks forward confessed about high-priced rent in the City of Angels.

While admitting that the “food” and “people” in LA are great, the sensational rookie highlighted how WNBA’s player housing program helped her evade the exorbitant living prices in the city. 

So we have like player housing, they subsidize for us. It’s nice because rent is too expensive,” Cameron Brink told Paul George and his crew.

Then, PG-13 asked Brink about her “favorite spot” in LA during her brief stay thus far. The 22-year-old revealed that a beachside restaurant called ‘Playa Provisions’ has made a huge impression on her,

We are there today, my mom over there. It’s called Playa Provisions. It’s so good, the best fish tacos.”

The rookie also revealed that she is an epicure when it comes to tacos, thus the beachside restaurant hit the right spot for her. Overall, the Stanford alum has “loved” her time in Los Angeles and is also a fan of the fashion choices in the city.

While relishing her time in the city, she has also been bonding with her LA Sparks teammates, particularly 6’3″ Center Dearica Hamby, who has helped ease her nerves thus far.

Cameron Brink is developing an incredible chemistry with Dearica Hamby

Later in the podcast, George asked Brink about “having a bestie” during her brief stay in LA. The forward revealed that her frontcourt partner Dearica Hamby has developed a healthy bond with her.

She touched upon how the mother of two children has “maternal instincts” enabling her to shield the young player. She also disclosed that the two of them constantly laugh at the expense of the “madass men” on social media making all sorts of comments at them.

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dearica Hamby, that’s my girl. She’s my mom, poor thing, I follow her everywhere when I get nervous… I love her kids, I love her…we’re laughing about all the comments people are making, cuz we are not actually used to people paying attention to us, all these madass men in the comments, we are just laughing at them,” Brink expressed.

Safe to say, the rookie is enjoying her time in LA with her teammates. As for her performances, thus far, she has showcased initial offensive struggles and has been in foul trouble. However, both her defense and rebounding have made a huge mark. With a mentor like Hamby, she can develop a strong offensive game for a viable two-way skillset to embark on a memorable journey. 

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