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“Rock always with me!”: Hawks star Trae Young works on his handles with the new Wilson NBA ball, despite being out on vacation

Tonoy Sengupta

"Rock always with me!": Hawks star Trae Young works on his handles with the new Wilson NBA ball, despite being out on vacation

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young shows his love for basketball, as well as the new NBA ball during his vacation


Trae Young man. Is there anyone in the NBA that gained respect faster than he did during the 2021 playoffs?

The 6’1” guard was the epitome of a showman throughout the Hawks’ run to the Eastern Conference Finals. He even antagonized himself to the whole of the New York Knicks’ fanbase and even took a bow as he knocked the franchise out of the postseason.

With everything he showed us last season, we can’t wait for the next season to begin. And, it appears the man himself is just as excited as us, if not more so.

Overtime recently released a video of the star showing off his handles while on vacation. And Young reacted to the clip, with a massive shoutout to the NBA’s newest partner.

Let’s get into it.

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Trae Young says he’s always rocked with Wilson when it comes to basketball

Now, it is no secret Wilson and Trae Young get along well.

The Hawks star has always shown his admiration for the brand in a plethora of ways. And in return, the company has not only provided the player with his own page on their website but also used him as a sort of poster boy, while announcing their newest partnership with the NBA.

So, given this relationship, of course, Young was going to find a way to shout them out once again. And on his recent post, here is how he did it.

Well, let’s just hope the rest of the NBA loves the new Wilson NBA ball as much as Trae Young does.

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