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‘Rockets interested to trade for Joel Embiid’: Russell Westbrook could leave Houston for James Harden and Sixers star’s partnership

Raahib Singh

Rockets interested to trade for Joel Embiid

The Houston Rockets seem ready to shake things up, as they aim to trade for Joel Embiid, with Russell Westbrook to be a high-profile move away.

The Houston Rockets just parted ways with their GM Daryl Morey yesterday. The Rockets surely would feel the absence of Morey, who has been the Rockets GM since 2007. All of this comes amidst the Rockets interviewing candidates for their head coach job.

One of the top candidates for the Rockets Head Coach job, Tyronn Lue has been snatched up by the Clippers. However, there are a lot of good candidates still available.

While the Rockets search for their coach, they are also looking for ways to better their roster. The ex-head coach of the Rockets Mike D’Antoni’s small-ball style left the Rockets without a big man. While it may have worked for D’Antoni, obviously any other coach would ask for a good big to center the team around.

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Rockets look at Joel Embiid

The Houston Rockets have to acquire a big man and a good one at that. A few other bigs outshine Joel Embiid. The 26-year-old is playing excellent basketball, averaging 23 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 3 assists last season. He is an anchor is the defense and can lead the team offensively as well.

Embiid is exactly what the Rockets need right now. While sources say that everyone except former MVP James Harden is available for trade, it certainly is a mystery what the Sixers would want.

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Russell Westbrook seems to be the one high-profile player that Rockets will be willing to let go, but will the Sixers want him or will the Knicks come in too in a 3-way trade?

The Sixers too just got a new head coach. Doc Rivers joined the Sixers camp a few weeks ago, and it would be a surprise to see Rivers let Embiid go. The duo of Embiid and Simmons has been successful for the Sixers whenever both of them manage to stay healthy.

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