Rockets’ Tyson Chandler main culprit in ‘Danuel House-woman in the room’ Bubble saga, reports claim

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published September 10, 2020

While Danuel House has been suspended from Game 4 between Rockets and Lakers, Tyson Chandler still hasn’t seen stern action despite being the main culprit. 

Danuel House has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the past 24 hours and it seems the saga is even messier than earlier imagined.

While earlier there were only murmurs around the fact that House had sneaked a woman into his room, earlier today it was confirmed by ‘Woj’ and Shams Charania’ that a breach had occurred. Since then House has been suspended from the game vs Lakers.

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However, new evidence following an investigation by the NBA has revealed that Tyson Chandler is probably the main culprit.

Woman confirms meeting Tyson Chandler

According to the report released by The Athletic, the ‘unidentified woman’ has accepted that she met Tyson Chandler and one more Rockets player.

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While she didn’t rat out Danuel House, the NBA has received information from the Hotel about House being involved too.

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The only real ‘circumstantial evidence’ that the NBA has against House at the moment is regarding the timelines of the woman’s entry into the hotel and the ‘opening and closing’ of House’s room.

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“Those sources said there appears to be no video connecting House and the female; only the flagging of her entering and leaving the hotel, and the possibility of a door opening and closing to match those timelines. The NBA has informed involved parties that it has circumstantial evidence implicating House.” the Athletic reported.

Why has Tyson Chandler not been punished?

The report from Athletic clearly states that the woman accepted being in touch with Chandler, however, the NBA has only focussed on punishing House.

Things certainly seem very fishy at the moment and the NBA will need to sort it out quickly, as the Rockets are losing out on of their key rotation players. If the investigation isn’t able to hold House guilty, the Rockets could sue the NBA for tinkering with their playoff series vs Lakers.

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