“Russell Westbrook is a f***ing hypocrite after what he did to Kevin Durant!”: NBA analyst tears Lakers star a new one for his conduct with media throughout his career amid recent name calling complaints

Joe Viju
|Published 09/03/2022

NBA Writer Kevin O’ Conner recently went on a rant against Russell Westbrook, adding that the former MVP wants to dish it out, but can’t take criticism, referring to the Kevin Durant cupcake incident in 2016.

When the Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook in the summer, they expected him to carry them on nights where LeBron James decided to load manage. However, a few months into the season, nothing has gone to plan and it just hasn’t worked out for the former MVP.

As a result of his underwhelming performances and the team’s lack of success, Westbrick has been at the center for most of the criticism. Recently, the slander was taken off the court when Westbrook’s wife Nina Westbrook and Skip Bayless got into it on social media.

However, in the latest Ringer podcast, Kevin O’ Connor and co. had a different viewpoint on the matter. They were in fact critical of Brodie’s lack of self-awareness on the topic.

So, what exactly did he say? Read on to find out…

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Kevin O’ Connor calls Russell Westbrook a hypocrite.

The La Lakers have been a horror show this season. They currently sit as the 9th seed in the Western Conference and might miss the playoffs altogether if they continue this form. A large part of their failure to perform this season has been the lackluster displays of Russell Westbrook.

In the recent Ringer podcast, Analyst Kevin O’ Connor had something about Westbrook’s recent criticism.

Via MisMatch podcast –

Nobody is exempt from criticism. And also, by the way, sometimes, certain criticisms that there’s truth rooted in. And sometimes, it’s important not to shut it all out and take it all in, and you got to filter that criticism. You got to know yourself and understand your own limitations as a human being and how you can get better as a person.”

“This is the same guy that has cupcakes at his 4th of July party, playing into the Kevin Durant cupcake nickname. What a f***ing hypocrite.”

While it is easier in theory, he does have a valid point. Westbrook is known for dishing out insults to his opponents, However, when he does have to face criticism, he is just oblivious to everything happening around him.

In the past, we have seen players change the narrative around them. For example, Paul George, who ironically received most of his slander when he is Westbrook’s teammate in OKC.

More than anything, the 9x All-Star has to improve on the court. While that will not be the end of his criticism, it is a good place to start.

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What exactly is the Kevin Durant-cupcake narrative?

When Kevin Durant left the Thunder to join the Warriors in 2016, it was seen by all as the weakest move by a superstar. Back when the two were teammates, Kendrick Perkins would poke fun at Thunder players who were soft by calling them cupcakes. It became a running joke between Durant and Westbrook.

So, when KD left for Golden State, he was labeled as soft and was called a cupcake. It all took a nasty turn when Westbrook was seen trolling KD when he put out a photo of some festive cupcakes. And hence, began the origin of the Kevin Durant-cupcake joke. Just in case, you haven’t seen the photo, here’s it is:

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Hopefully, the Lakers and Russell Westbrook can turn things around this season.  Brodie needs to step up if the Purple and Gold franchise have any chance of making the playoffs this season.





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