Cover Image for Savannah clears up the significance of “330” in LeBron James’ sons Bronny James and Bryce’s life

Savannah clears up the significance of “330” in LeBron James’ sons Bronny James and Bryce’s life

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Thu Aug 18 2022

The two young guns from LeBron James’ household wear different numbers, namely 33 and 0. The secret behind it is just wholesome. 

So looks like the NBA will see the James brothers after all. The storm around Bronny and Bryce James has only risen with the tide.

The two have been staring games together and the league is relishing the prospect of having two descendants of LeBron James grace the NBA.

Unlike their dad, neither of the two wears the no. 23 or no. 6. Instead Bronny chose the no. 0 and Bryce the no. 33. Odd. But there’s a reason.

As per mama Savannah James’ Instagram share, we finally have the answer.

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The area code of Akron, Ohio is 330, the same numbers on LeBron James’ sons Bryce and Bronny James’ jerseys

Yes, the sons of LeBron James apparently miss and cherish Ohio as much as their dad, after all the two were born in the state. So much so that their jersey numbers this season make up the Akron area code.

Mama Savannah revealed this on her Instagram story just today. She seems awfully proud of her kids and even got a tattoo of their initials.

Meanwhile, the brothers have been hard at practice recently even teaming up with their dad at the Lakers facility.

And just a few days ago, Bronny did this:

You can bet, LeBron is mighty proud of his sons and he will eagerly await them to join the league. Stay tuned to this space for more stories on LeBron James and his family.

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