Cover Image for Savannah James cherishes beautiful moment between $10 million worth Bronny James and sister Zhuri with an Instagram story

Savannah James cherishes beautiful moment between $10 million worth Bronny James and sister Zhuri with an Instagram story

Raahib Singh
|Tue Jul 19 2022

Proud mom Savannah James shares an emotional Instagram story about brother Bronny James and little sister Zhuri

Humans are social beings. Throughout our lifetime, we form several bonds. Some bonds were formed for us, and we have no say in the matter. The others, humans, spend an entire lifetime building.

No matter how many bonds we form, very rarely do we find bonds as strong as those shared by siblings. Seeing their kids get along together, parents usually get very emotional and full of joy. The same happened to Savannah James recently.

Zhuri and Savannah were in the audience to watch Bronny James and Team SFG at the Nike Pearl Jam. Bronny put up an incredible performance on the first day and bedazzled everyone as his team won their game on Day 1. For Day 2, he had his mother and little sister courtside hyping and cheering for him.

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Savannah James gets emotional seeing Bronny James and Zhuri

Bronny James is entering his senior year of high school soon. In the last few months, we have heard a lot of criticism about the young gun, and he’s been using the summer to shut up all the doubters.

Over the past few months, Bronny has bedazzled many people and continues to do so. With his dad LeBron James, mom, and younger sister Zhuri in his presence, Bronny had a monster game.

Before the game, he shared a really cute moment with Zhuri.


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Savannah James saw the same, and couldn’t help herself from making an Instagram story about the same.

The two are incredibly cute together. LeBron commented on the post too, with a ‘#JamesGang’ and a few emojis.

No one knows what the future holds, but with some smart moves, Bronny already has acquired over $10 million of his own, even before he’s 18. I guess life would be good for him, even if he doesn’t pursue basketball as a future career.

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