Cover Image for Savannah James’ ‘genetics go crazy’ post comparing the dunks 6ft 3” Bronny James and 6ft 9” LeBron James shows uncanny similarities in their skills

Savannah James’ ‘genetics go crazy’ post comparing the dunks 6ft 3” Bronny James and 6ft 9” LeBron James shows uncanny similarities in their skills

Akash Murty
|Fri Jul 15 2022

Bronny James might not have his old man’s physical attributes but skill wise he is trying to be as good as LeBron James.

LeBron James was the biggest prodigy to ever step foot on a basketball court when was playing high school basketball back in the early 2000s. Let me correct myself, he was the biggest prodigy of all sports before he came into the league in 2003.

At 18 years of age, the kid from Akron was ready to play against the men in the NBA with his 6’8 height, 240-pound huge built, over 7-feet wingspan and some of the most outrageous skills that anyone had ever seen in a single player.

17-year-old, 6-feet-3″ Bronny James, the oldest of James’ three kids is far from his father’s physical attributes. The senior at Sierra Canyon School is also only among the top 50 players in the 2023 recruiting class. But he does have some of his father’s skills in him.


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Like father like son. Bronny James pulled a LeBron James signature dunk out of his pocket and Savannah couldn’t be more proud.

King James is of the biggest supporters of Bronny out there. Despite his several businesses worth around a billion dollars and an offseason to prepare for another go for an NBA Championship in LA, the 37-year-young LeBron can be seen courtside in most of Bronny’s games.

Thursday night both James and his wife Savannah posted stories of one of their son’s highlight dunk that totally resonates with LeBron’s own move back in the day.

To this date that is still the Laker’s star signature poster. Maybe it’s Bronnie picking the brains of his dad in the practice sessions at home or it is just the genes Savannah’s so proud of, either way, he has the potential to make it to the league before his father’s retirement.

It is now in public and most NBA teams’ interest that the father-son duo plays in the same team come 2023 when senior James will be a free agent. Forget championship or playoffs, the bank that team will break in rights and sponsorships wherever this duo plays would be mind-boggling.

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