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Set to Earn $36,016,200 in 2024–25, Brandon Ingram Gives Pelicans Fans a Ray of Hope With Extension Discussion

Trikansh Kher

Set to Earn $36,016,200 in 2024–25, Brandon Ingram Gives Pelicans Fans a Ray of Hope With Extension Discussion

Another team heads to Cancun, as the New Orleans Pelicans are officially out of this year’s playoffs. The No. 1 seeded Thunder made quick work of their already hobbled opponents, finishing off the series in a sweep. After the game, Pelicans wing Brandon Ingram was asked about his future in New Orleans, and his comments seem to have raised some concerns for the Pelicans front office. 

Last year, the Pelicans star turned down a 3-year extension with the team, opting instead to play out the 2023–24 season before he made a decision. And from the looks of it, Ingram won’t sign this year either. But does that mean he will bail out of New Orleans next year?

Well, no one knows for sure. Responding to inquiries about his contract extension with the Pelicans, the 26-year-old had the following to say during Game 4’s post-game press conference:

“That’s not in front of my mind right now. I love the city of New Orleans. This is the place where I got my first All-Star… But you never know… Thinking about what’s best for me and my family… The fans did nothing but treat me right. There is unfinished business here.”


This year, the Pelicans paid Ingram upwards of $33 million for his basketball services—something a few believe to be a bit of an overpay. While he has yet to record a season like his 2019-2020 debut with the New Orleans, ‘BI‘s health might be a bigger factor in the forward taking the next step for himself and the team. From hip injuries to toe injuries, the former Blue Devil has gone through a lot over the years, and his upcoming $36,016,200 does seem a bit questionable, considering the fact that he hasn’t recorded a single 65-game season since his rookie year, with the 2023–24 season being the only anomaly, as the player came close, playing a surprising 64 games this season.

However, New Orleans likely won’t care about that too much. After all, the star may just have a massive payday coming up.

Brandon Ingram could get the supermax next year 

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA

While Ingram has looked like a shell of himself during these playoffs, the Pelicans might still offer the 26-year-old a supermax contract next season. Last year, the former Laker was eligible for an extension, a deal he turned down. While his plans for this season are unknown, the Louisiana side’s star could sign a $221 million contract with the franchise, according to NBC Sports

But from the looks of it, Brandon wants to make almost double, as making an All-NBA team opens up the super-max deal for the North Carolina native. The contract (if offered and signed) will land Ingram 35% of the team’s cap space, making him the holder of a $334 million contract, according to

The biggest hurdle in Ingram acquiring his super-max deal will be his health. According to the new CBA rules, players have to play a minimum of 65 games to be eligible for season-end awards, something that will be considered while putting clauses in the deal.

So, not only will Brandon Ingram have to put up All-NBA numbers next season, but he has to do so consistently, while also hoping that the Pelicans don’t sign and trade him during the season. ‘Complicated’ may not begin to define his situation at the moment.

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