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“Shaq Can’t Go Bar For Bar With Me”: Former Angel Reese Teammate Claims Shaquille O’Neal Couldn’t ‘Out-Rap’ Her

Sourav Bose

"Shaq Can't Go Bar For Bar With Me": Former Angel Reese Teammate Claims Shaquille O'Neal Couldn't 'Out-Rap' Her

With impressive expertise in various fields, Shaquille O’Neal often serves as a benchmark for success in the NBA community. One such instance occurred recently when Flau’Jae Johnson used him as a reference to discuss her music career. While doing so, Angel Reese’s former teammate boldly put herself ahead of Shaq in the pecking order of rapping, raising eyebrows all around.

During her latest appearance on HOT 97, the 20-year-old made this bold claim. From the start of the conversation, Johnson displayed immense faith in her craft. Initially, she outlined that none of the former and current basketball stars stood a chance against her in rapping.

To tease her, the host soon brought up Shaq’s name in the discussion. Unsurprisingly, this trick worked as Johnson started second-guessing her declaration. However, after doing so momentarily, the LSU youngster stood firm on her stance, announcing,

“Shaq had a platinum record, right? He had a song with Biggie. But Shaq can’t go bar to bar with me”.

Her display of extreme confidence showcased her belief in her capabilities. After all, Johnson became a well-known teenager in the USA following her 2018 appearance in America’s Got Talent. As a 14-year-old, she received applause from a massive crowd and the judges alike for her supreme mastery of the craft.

Additionally, this proficiency flows in her veins. Her father, Jason Johnson, was a renowned rapper in Georgia with the stage name, ‘Camouflage‘. He even had a record deal in place with Universal Music, further explaining the reasons behind his daughter’s belief.

That said, Johnson certainly shouldn’t underestimate Shaq. After all, the big man is hardly anything to sneeze at.

A glimpse into the rap career of Shaquille O’Neal

In a way, Shaq remains a pioneer in the field of rapper-athlete celebrities. After his 1993 album, Shaq Diesel, received the status of platinum, the subsequent one in 1994, Shaq Fu: Da Return, received the gold certification. On top of this, he has been part of several collaborative projects over the years, capturing his demand in this field.

Consequently, ‘The Big Aristotle’ never backs down from a challenge, trusting his capabilities wholeheartedly. During a 2023 interview with TMZ, the 52-year-old even declared, “I have a couple of freestyles, it’s all competition for me. So when I hear the people that say, ‘I’m a better athlete-rapper than Shaq,’ I gotta step up. Nothing personal. I just have to let these people know who paved the way”.

So, Johnson could have an uphill battle waiting for her if Shaq decides to respond to her comments. And considering O’Neal’s driven nature, this remains a glaring possibility in the future (especially following his prolonged beef with Damian Lillard for the same).

So, the world of basketball is set to keep a close on the proceedings as an LSU youngster bravely stands against her college’s icon. Undoubtedly, this paves the way for a dramatic premise, exciting the fans to a large extent.

Post Edited By:Tonoy Sengupta

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