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Stephen Curry Wishes Daughter Ryan on Her 9th Birthday Using a Unique Method

Advait Jajodia

Stephen Curry Wishes Daughter Ryan on Her 9th Birthday Using a Unique Method

Stephen Curry was the star of the USA-Canada exhibition game. At first, the Golden State Warriors managed business on the court, dropping 12 points and 2 assists to lead the USA to an 86-72 win. After the contest, Curry also fulfilled the role of a loving family man by wishing his daughter for her birthday in an interesting manner.

Two of the biggest players on the star-studded roster, LeBron James and Stephen Curry were part of the on-court post-game interview. After answering a few questions about the exciting battle between the two basketball powerhouses, Steph used the opportunity to wish Ryan for her 9th birthday on national TV.

Steph said, “It’s my daughter’s 9th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ryan, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. We’re here playing basketball, doing what we love. I miss you. I love you. Happy birthday!”

Much like many other basketball enthusiasts, Ryan must’ve caught the contest. After a performance like that, Ryan wouldn’t have been too disheartened about her father not being present for her birthday.

A caring family man himself, LeBron seemed to appreciate his newest teammate’s heartwarming gesture. Hence, he revealed his admiration for Steph as the latter wished his daughter.

“That’s right,” LeBron said.

Unfortunately, Ryan isn’t the only daughter whose birthday the two-time MVP will be missing. With a few exhibition games taking place in London, Wardell will not be in the country during his eldest daughter’s – Riley – 12th birthday (19th July) either.

However, considering that Steph performed well today, Team USA will be expecting their guard to have yet another impressive performance during the 20th July match against South Sudan.

Post Edited By:Sameen Nawathe

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