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Steve Kerr Compares ‘All-Rookie’ Hopeful Brandin Podziemski to Lakers Star, Announces Plan for 2nd Season

Jay Mahesh Lokegaonkar

Steve Kerr Compares ‘All-Rookie’ Hopeful Brandin Podziemski to Lakers Star, Announces Plan for 2nd Season

The Golden State Warriors had a disappointing campaign during the 2023-24 season, but the one silver lining was the contribution of their young stars, especially rookie guard Brandin Podziemski. The first-round pick was exceptional in his role off the bench and performed impressively enough to displace veteran Klay Thompson from the Warriors’ starting lineup. He is expected to earn an All-Rookie nod and feature even more heavily next season when the Warriors retool their roster.

Head coach Steve Kerr was delighted with the rookie’s performances in his debut season and when asked in his exit interview whether he’d expect the guard to shoot more in his sophomore season, the veteran responded,

“Shooting is probably the easiest thing to improve. Especially when you already have a good touch and [Brandin Podziemski] shot 38% this year. But he wasn’t necessarily a shoot-first guy… He wants to make a play first.”

When asked if Podziemski could take a massive leap and become a vital player for the Warriors like Austin Reaves did with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kerr replied,

“He’s a different player than Austin Reaves but I see similarities… They are similar-sized. They’re both a lot stronger and quicker than they look on the floor. Some of it is because their game speed is pretty high… Austin shot 32% from three his first year and shot up to around 40% in his second. I think most players in their second or third year, who are already pretty good shooters, make pretty big strides.”

Kerr added that the Warriors’ coaching staff will devote time to help the Wisconsin youngster develop his catch-and-shoot skills which is a critical trait to possess to thrive in the franchise’s famed system. Golden State expects the young guard to take a massive stride forward in his sophomore season and become an indispensable part of their roster.

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The Warriors have seemingly found another stellar young guard, whom they want to develop into a franchise cornerstone as they did with Stephen Curry and Thompson. Moreover, the rookie seemed all ready to take to the off-season and improve his skills for the next season.

Brandin Podziemski outlines off-season challenges

The Warriors have laid down the path that they expect Brandin Podziemski to follow en route to becoming a critical player for the franchise, and the young guard is admittedly willing to put in the work to fulfill the team’s expectations. When asked during his exit interview what he’d like to improve on, Podziemski said,

“The ball being in my hands a little bit more. Just being more efficient and trying to take the burden off Stephen [Curry] and Draymond [Green]’s shoulders. Helping the rest of the guys impact things… Improve my assist-to-turnover ratio, try to lead the team in rebounding again. Just all those things that impact winning at a high level.”

Podziemski is not resting on his laurels and is willing to work hard and become a key player for the Warriors. While an All-Rookie nod is a terrific start to his career, the young guard is seeking the same heights that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson hit during their time with the franchise.

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