Supermodel denied rumors of affair with LeBron James, claimed she doesn’t know the Lakers’ star

Raahib Singh
|Published August 12, 2022

Instagram Model Sofia Jamora denied rumors of affairs with LeBron James, shared how she doesn’t even know who he is

In today’s world, being an NBA player is no less than being a celebrity. Often, players use their stature and reach to link up with several women, and ‘have a good time.’ Often, these women are none other than the Instagram models we all see.

However, that isn’t the case for LeBron James. The King came to the NBA knowing who his queen was, and he has been with her since high school. Together, LeBron and Savannah have three wonderful children, and have been married for almost a decade now.

Despite LeBron’s loyalty to Savannah and their family, someone comes and tries to tarnish his good name every now and then. The same happened again in 2020, when Erza Haliti, a former Miss Idaho who’s married to New Orleans Saints tight end Nick Vannett, claimed LeBron was cheating on Savannah with an Instagram model.

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Model Sofia Jamora denies claims of affairs with LeBron James

In 2020, Ezra Haliti called LBJ out with an Instagram story. She had written,

“Am I the only one that’s not a fan of LeBron?” Haliti said. “I guess I’ve never been a fan of guys that cheat on their wives especially with @sofiajamora.”

This garnered a lot of attention, with both Sofia and James getting the blunt for the same. While LeBron kept his head down and focused on his family and basketball, Sofia couldn’t take the heat after a certain point. In an Instagram DM, she revealed the truth. She said,

“1. I was never with LeBron nor do I know who he is. 2. I’m not white.”

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Sofia was dating Pelicans player Jaxson Hayes at that time. Since then, the two have broken up, and Hayes was sued for assault by Jamora.

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