Cover Image for Billionaire LeBron James’ overtly cocky response to how he handled criticism during Lakers games

Billionaire LeBron James’ overtly cocky response to how he handled criticism during Lakers games

Arun Sharma
|Thu Aug 11 2022

LeBron James is at a stage in his career where anything he does will only add to his legacy – 20 years and still going strong.

Second in the scoring charts, top 10 in every other major stat. 4 championships, 4 MVPs, 4 MVPs and a sure-shot Hall-of-fame induction. Such is the legacy of LeBron James, and people still doubt him. The league almost got bored of handing him the MVP every single year and has not selected him best player in 9 years. Even when he was.

He understood one thing – whatever he does, there will be people opposing it. That is when he decided to not pay heed to any external source that would bring him down. In a recent interview along with Marcus Rashford, he spoke about how his decision-making changed when he was 25 and in Miami.

He said he knew he was getting paid to make the right plays – why would he be bothered by anyone else? Even with 4 players on him, he was expected to shoot. All of that negativity added up, and he just stopped caring. Bron knows his organization believes in him, and he in them.

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LeBron James will have last season weighing on his mind – it’s been his worst season since his first stint as a Cavalier

2021-22 was one of the worst years professionally for James. While he may have scored 30 points on average, his team finished 11th last season, the lowest he’s ever finished. Everybody and their grandma took turns laughing at him because despite having a superstar lineup, they failed miserably. The haters had a field day, almost every time the Lakers played.

He’s considered all that and built an alias that shows all his naysayers what exactly they hate. Since 2003, every franchise has a story around James – be it how he constantly picked on them or won them titles. Boston and Toronto get cold shivers down their spine when they hear LBJ. LeBrontosaurus is his official nickname whenever he plays the Raptors.

No other athlete was expected to play as he did 10 years ago, in his 20th season. If Vince Carter dunked in his 20th season, people were making highlight reels about despite his age. Dirk Nowitzki’s fadeaway got to love just the same. But 30 points at the age of 37 is looked at like it is normal, just because it’s Bron.

Revenge season is incoming, and Playoff Bron is ready for his assault for a 5th ring.

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