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“Tell Skip Bayless to Go F**k Himself”: FS1 Analyst Recalls Getting Cussed Out by Tiger Woods

Shubham Singh

"Tell Skip Bayless to Go F**k Himself": FS1 Analyst Recalls Getting Cussed Out by Tiger Woods

Skip Bayless is well known for his harsh criticism of NBA stars. Although most fans know about his perpetual critique revolving around LeBron James, Skip’s comments aren’t limited to hoopers. Once, the FS1 analyst had even sharp words for the most iconic golfer Tiger Woods. Bayless, on his The Skip Bayless Show, revealed the consequences of it.

The 72-year-old recalled how he used to debate Woody Paige in a show called Cold Pizza, which spanned 2003-2007. His Cold Pizza’s co-host Dana Jacobson was once set to interview Tiger Woods. The champion golfer said that he followed her show and had contrasting reactions towards Bayless and Paige.

Tiger immediately says to Dana as she introduces herself, ‘Tell Woody I said Hi and tell Skip to go fu** himself’,” Skip Bayless revealed on his show.

To add further, Woods’ agent once left him a note, rebuking him for criticizing the golfing legend in newspaper columns and TV shows.

As per Bayless, the 15-time Major Championship winner wanted to “control every member of the media”. Therefore, his argument revolved around the perennial golf superstar not taking an accommodative stance towards his fierce critics, like Bayless.

For the host of Undisputed, Woods’ demeanour towards the media indicated that he was “bulletproof”. Thus, he could operate with impunity when given a chance to downplay his critics. 

Tiger Woods had a troubled connection with many reporters

Bayless wasn’t the only one who drew the ire of the 3x US Open champ. In the 2014 December issue of Golf Digest, Dan Jenkins parodied an interview with Woods. During the fictional interview, the sportswriter took a jibe at Woods’ personal life. He quipped about the golfer’s divorce from his wife Elin Nordegrenin in 2010.

"Tell Skip Bayless to Go F**k Himself": FS1 Analyst Recalls Getting Cussed Out by Tiger Woods
Credits: USA Today Sports

The golfer didn’t appreciate this write-up and vented his frustration over it on The Player Tribunal. He called the article “below the belt” and considered it as a fall of journalistic ethics.

Apart from that, in 2014, during a golf tournament in Firestone, Woods lashed out at a cameraman who was close to him. He asked the camera personnel to give him a “little fu**ing space”. During that period, the veteran golfer was going through a difficult phase and wasn’t finishing at the top of the field regularly.

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