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“That’s So Not Real”: ‘Narcissistic’ LSU Coach Kim Mulkey Defends Her On-Court Eccentricity Ahead of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Finals

Adit Pujari

"That's So Not Real": 'Narcissistic' LSU Coach Kim Mulkey Defends Her On-Court Eccentricity Ahead of the NCAA Women's Basketball Finals

Hate or love her, it doesn’t matter. Kim Mulkey is who she is, and it doesn’t look like anything can faze her. All the criticism, the praise, or the accusations of being a narcissist pale in front of LSU’s Women’s Basketball coach’s winning record.

You can say what you want but can’t deny that Kim gets the job done. In her 21 years of coaching career, Mulkey has won 691 games out of her 803 games putting her winning record at an unbelievable 0.861. She was also the fastest in NCAA Division I history to lead her team to 600 wins.

But despite her portfolio that speaks for itself, Kim Mulkey has constantly faced criticism for her fashion and on-court antics. An animated coach with an affinity for flamboyance, Mulkey believes the perception people have of her is clearly flawed.

Kim Mulkey defends her fashion statements and coaching flare

Mulkey has been under fire for her fashion. Some believe that the LSU head coach is more focused on her jackets than her team. But for Kim, these are meaningless allegations. She feels that this only shows how perceptions can often be flawed.

In her recent interview with USA Today, Mulkey defended herself. She provided the example of LSU alumni who watch her games just to see what she’s wearing and how it leads to an increase in viewership for LSU games.

Kim: “There are LSU women who are graduates, who are famous designers, and they send me jackets and say …  ‘Coach, quite honestly, I don’t know anything about basketball, but I will come just to see what you wear. Well, you know what, I want those that come to the games for that reason to keep coming, and I want them to learn the game of basketball.”

Mulkey has previously also addressed the flawed perception surrounding her. USA Today, in their article on the LSU coach, detailed her statement on the exaggerated and unwarranted comments.

Mulkey: “It is a perception out there about me that everybody has that’s so not real. But I’m OK with that because these kids that play for me, the coaches that coach for me, my family that knows me (knows).”

On the other hand, Mulkey also believes that people who come for the games, do not pay attention to her clothes. Instead, they pay attention to the product on the court. She believes fans of the game can’t help but appreciate the style of play she brings to the court.

Is it fair to criticize Kim despite her record?

In all fairness, Kim Mulkey clearly knows what she is doing. She has been a coach for far too long to let such a perception affect her. But even if these perception ends up becoming a doubt on her career, Mulkey’s record clears the air.

Tonight, she will lead the LSU women’s team as they face the Hawkeyes for the Division championship. While Iowa may look lethal right now with Caitlin Clark‘s historic run, Kim’s presence can turn the game either way.

So, while her eccentricity may be a little too much for some fans, it should clearly not play a role in her perception as a coach. The former college basketball player turned coach is a legend and that will never be taken away from her.

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Adit Pujari

Adit Pujari


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