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“The Concern Level Is High”: Kendrick Perkins Rings the Alarm Bells for the Celtics, Slams Joe Mazzulla for Downplaying Back-to-Back Losses

Prateek Singh

"The Concern Level Is High": Kendrick Perkins Rings the Alarm Bells for the Celtics, Slams Joe Mazzulla for Downplaying Back-to-Back Losses

The Boston Celtics are the most successful team in the league this season. Despite a comfortable margin between them and the second-seeded Milwaukee Bucks, Kendrick Perkins believes that upcoming playoffs might be a problem for them. During a recent appearance on ‘First Take’, the NBA veteran talked about how the Celtics’ issues are public for the rest of the league. He also believed it would be difficult for them to contain the highly stacked West.

The Celtics have been arguably the best team, this season, in the league. However, Perkins believes otherwise. During the show, he took shots at them and even said he didn’t care about them having the best record. He seemed doubtful about big names like Kristaps Porzingis, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown, performing in the post-season with the same vigor.

When asked if he has any concerns regarding the toughness of the Celtics camp, he said, “Hell yeah, I do.” Talking about the head coach Joe Mazzulla, Perkins added,

“Joe Mazzulla, he can go in the post-game interviews, and he can try to downplay it as much as he wants, but the concern level is high. The word is out about the Boston Celtics.”

Perkins believed the Celtics’ flawless record this season is because of sheer luck since they’re playing in a weaker conference. He said that if other teams can keep the games close, pressure them, and closeout, the mighty Celtics can be contained in the post-season.

Is Kendrick Perkins even making sense with these claims?

It’s one thing to strategize how to beat a team, however, whatever KP pointed out doesn’t seem specific to the Celtics. These strategies can work on any team, at any part of the season. Even though Perkins believes that the Boston team will have a hard time facing the teams in the West, they’re 62-18 this season and are still the only team with over 60 wins.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

In addition, if we circle down to his claims regarding better teams in the West, the Celtics have a 23-7 record against the Western Conference this season, according to Stat Muse. Also, it’s possible that the team with the best record this season might be looking to take things lightly, as they have already clinched the top seed.

So, all things considered, Perkins’ frustration may be coming out because the Celtics have lost their last two games. Regardless, saying that beating the Celtics would be a cakewalk sounds like a stretch.

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