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“The Dream Team doesn’t exist anymore!”: Jackie Chan hilariously predicted the demise of Team USA a whopping 14 years before it actually started to happen

Tonoy Sengupta

"The Dream Team doesn't exist anymore!": Jackie Chan hilariously predicted the demise of Team USA a whopping 14 years before it actually started to happen

Rush Hour 3’s hilarious scene may have just predicted the downfall of Team USA over a decade in advance


Things just aren’t going right for Team USA, are they?

First, they lost to Nigeria, and Australia in the preseason, and then, they lost to France in the group stage for the Olympics. And frankly, this group of players, despite all their star power just don’t look like they’re going to be dominant anytime soon.

The reason? Some believe that the players representing the United States just aren’t taking the tournament seriously enough. Others believe that the rest of the world has finally caught up to the country’s high level of basketball.

Coming to that second perspective though, it seems a certain somebody saw it coming about 14 years in advance. Who, you ask?

Allow us to explain.

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This cab scene from Rush Hour 3 almost perfectly predicted the state of Team USA 14 years later

Yep, for those wondering, Rush Hour 3 came out 14 years ago, all the way back in 2007. Feeling old yet?

Apart from the hilarious jokes we remember this movie by though, there is one scene from the movie that fans of basketball will want to pay special attention to. And we present it to you in the Instagram post below.

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And hence proven, French cab drives are soothsayers in the Rush Hour universe. Either that or this movie managed to pull a Simpsons, and actually managed to accurately predict the future, even if Tucker didn’t like it very much.

At the end of the day, truth is a cruel mistress, especially as things stand for Team USA. The rest of the world has indeed caught up to them.

Will they be able to fight back and reclaim their country’s crown? Or will this juggernaut we’ve known for decades now, finally lose it’s divinity and fall to the ground?

Only time will tell.

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