‘The girl asked for a week off because of Jimmy Butler’s performance’: Heat star visited a bro*hel during 2016 Rio Olympics

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 22/10/2020

Reddit NBA has recently stumbled upon the fun and frolicking incidents by Team USA basketball at Rio 2016. Jimmy Butler addressed those rumors on The Herd back in 2016.

Team USA did not live life like most other athletes representing the country at the Rio 2016 Olympics. They hired a private yacht for themselves instead of living at the Games Village.

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Many USA basketball players were rumored to have ventured into a bro*hel in Rio in the midst of the Olympics. Jimmy cleared the air after returning to American shores on The Herd.

Visit to bro*hel a mistake, says Jimmy Butler on The Herd

Team members like DeAndre Jordan, DeMar DeRozan, Butler and DeMarcus Cousins were out partying in Rio. According to Butler, they went into the gentleman’s club thinking it to be another bar.

It was only after they received a couple of drinks and saw the environment around that they realized their mistake. Butler says they got out immediately after learning of their error.

However, an article published in a local magazine at the time confirmed that the players had infact stayed there for more than 5 hours and the girls were pretty impressed by Jimmy’s ‘performance’.

“They went to the rooms always in pairs with two or three girls. One of them, according to the same source, was astonished by Jimmy’s, say, disposition and asked for the rest of the week off.” the article quoted.

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Cowherd: “… you got the bro*hel story, you got the Ryan Lochte, you got the Hope Solo. All this stuff, but when you’re living over there – can we confirm the brothel story? I’m not bothered at all by it.”

Butler: “You’re not bothered by it?”

Cowherd: “I lived in Nevada. If guys go to a bro*hel, what do I care?”

Butler: “I mean, it was a mistake. Everybody left, and went and got a drink at a real bar, which is completely fine with me. And that’s all it was.”

Leahy: “You weren’t there right?”

Butler: “Who me!? Pshh, nowhere to be seen. Not me.”

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