“There’s a lil gray area in there Austin Reaves, and that’s where you operate!”: LeBron James compares himself to the Iron Man and the Lakers’ rookie as Spider Man, re-creates a Homecoming scene

Akash Murty
|Published January 27, 2022

LeBron James re-creates a Spider-Man Homecoming scene with Austin Reaves on an Instagram post, calling himself Ironman.

LeBron James, throughout his 19 year NBA career has played as a forward on paper but has always been his team’s primary playmaker. In fact, the King is considered to be one of the best Floor Generals to ever play the game of basketball alongside his friend Chris Paul.

Having one of the greatest basketball minds, the 17-time All-Star never shies away from instructing his teammates mid-game, also doing the coach’s job.

James giving his piece of mind to his players is a regular sighting in the NBA for the last two decades or so. Most of the times players understand what the 4-time champ is telling them to do, but sometimes they don’t.

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On one such occasion, in their match against the Brooklyn Nets, Lakers‘ Austin Reaves looked dumbfounded when Bron opened the flood gates of information in a few seconds in front of the rookie. The clips of it went viral on NBA Twitter last night.

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LeBron James goes full Iron Man on Austin Reaves

The Iron Man of the NBA has literally been one of the fittest players in the league. And already having established himself as the guy with the highest IQ in the league, he didn’t hesitate to call himself the real Ironman instructing the young Spiderman (Austin Reaves) about his job.

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King James might have compared himself and his teammate with that scene from the Spider-Man Homecoming where Tony Stark gives Peter Parker a sort of “welcome to the Avengers” moment.

But he should remember that the Lakers are no Avengers. They are struggling to save the franchise’s legacy, playing some of the worst basketball in the league in half their matches while having some of the best players in the NBA ever.

LeBron creating hype on social media isn’t helping their cause either. He is just making the Purple and Gold team’s fans angrier, after coming up with worse games every other night.

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Having one of the best resumes in the NBA ever, LeBron should be humble amid his team’s struggles. Rather the 4-time MVP always finds himself searching for appreciation on social media. While this might just be a pun not having any hidden meanings or agendas, him calling himself Ironman is what’s wrong with the Lakers.

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James must become the leader that his team needs, not just an offensive threat having 30-point games in losses. If he wants to be the Ironman he must save the Avengers first and then do the Tony Stark’s talking.

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