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“These Mfs Are Insane”: Kevin Durant ‘Annoyed’ After LeBron James’ Tweet Bring Back Warriors Move

Advait Jajodia

“These Mfs Are Insane”: Kevin Durant ‘Annoyed’ After LeBron James’ Tweet Bring Back Warriors Move

LeBron James was among the numerous hip-hop enthusiasts who were beyond excited after Drake’s apparent response to Kendrick Lamar’s diss, which was leaked on social media. However, the Los Angeles Laker’s post on X (formerly “Twitter”) hyping up two “heavyweights” – Drake and Kendrick Lamar – has somehow gotten fans to troll Kevin Durant for his infamous decision to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

As soon as Drake’s apparent four-minute verse went viral on social media, LeBron James was among the many to hype it up.

LBJ, who is seen enjoying the music of both artists, decided not to side with either of the two in their feud and merely enjoyed the songs as a rap enthusiast. Taking to X, the 6ft 9” forward lauded the two “heavyweights” of the industry for their lyrical genius.

Now, social media users love misinterpreting players’ words and creating controversy. A fan, @DJThePrototype, reacted to James’ above-mentioned tweet, claiming that James was taking a shot at Kevin Durant.

KD couldn’t decipher the user’s comments. However, another fan helped Durant. According to the reply, naysayers were relating James’ tweet for the Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud to KD for joining the Warriors.

Users are claiming that James is referring to Durant and himself as the “two heavyweights”. Further, it is being alleged that LBJ is taking shots at the Phoenix Suns forward for not doing what’s best for the sport by joining Stephen Curry and Co. back in 2016

With yet another fan trying to diminish KD’s legacy for his controversial move in 2016, the Slim Reaper was understandably frustrated. Clapping back at all the detractors, the Durantula wrote:

“These mfers are insane”

LeBron James has never displayed any hatred towards Durant for joining the Bay Area side in 2016. In fact, the King once drew comparisons between his own move to the Miami Heat, while also talking about how they are a bit different from each other.

“Well, I think every decision is different. My decision to leave Cleveland to go to Miami and then go back is different from Kevin Durant leaving OKC [home of the Oklahoma City Thunder] and going to the Warriors. It’s different from Shaq leaving Orlando and going to the [Los Angeles] Lakers,” James said, per NBC Sports.

Despite being rivals for almost two decades, James and Durant are great friends off the hardwood. Unlike what several naysayers claim, it doesn’t seem as though James has any other meaning to his tweet other than shedding light on the Drake-Kendrick Lamar beef.

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