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“They Call Me the OG”: Knicks Players RJ Barrett and Josh Hart Give Walt Frazier ‘Cupcakes’ on His Birthday

Jeet Pukhrambam

"They Call Me the OG": Knicks Players RJ Barrett and Josh Hart Give Walt Frazier 'Cupcakes' on His Birthday

There is something special brewing in the city of New York these days. The Knicks are back! And they are a true playoff team. No more dilly-dallying, they mean business this postseason. Tonight, as they face off against a resurgent Miami Heat, the stars are well and truly out. But it is perhaps NBA legend, Walt Frazier, who stands to steal the limelight.

Walt “Clyde” Frazier as he was called is by far New York Knicks’ biggest legend. Far greater than Patrick Ewing, and most certainly far greater than Carmelo Anthony.

Walt led the Knicks to their only two championships in 1970 and 1973. He is an icon of the game and was among the first to introduce the NBA to the world of fashion. He was the first to wear colorful suits and even today, it remains a hallmark of his identity.

He turns 78 tonight and all the Knicks players rushed to the court to congratulate him.

“They Call Me the OG”: Knicks Players RJ Barrett and Josh Hart Rush to the court to give Walt Frazier ‘Cupcakes’ on His Birthday

Not often do you meet NBA players who are called “the OG”? To have such a nickname bestowed upon you is truly an honor. Walt Frazier was greeted by both of the Knicks’ rising stars RJ Barrett and Josh Hart.

Barrett even rushed to Walt to give him a box of cupcakes! Wholesome. But it was what Walt had to say that is leaving us in splits.

As the commentators and Knicks players shower their love for Walt Frazier, he talked about the affection he received from all Knicks players, “yeah, they call me the OG”. 

That is even more wholesome. The man who led the Knicks to their glory years. Here is to hoping more comes soon.

New York Knicks have bonafide stars on their hands!

It is not easy to be a Knicks fan these last few years. But over the course of the season, hopes and expectations have changed drastically.

The acquisition of Jalen Brunson in the off-season and the growth of Julius Randle as an all-star over the last two years have helped the franchise blossom. Not to mention the emergence of RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley has helped cement the status of the Knicks as a playoff team.

They added a solid role player in the form of Josh Hart and the whole unit feels like a galvanized one. Indestructible to a large extent.

They can even make a deep run in the playoffs, despite the Eastern Conference looking strong this year. How far do you think the Knicks can go?

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