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“This was Klay Thompson’s best game so far! He only took 2 bad shots out of 22!”: Steve Kerr talks about the Splash Brother’s progress as he led the Warriors past the Lakers

Tonoy Sengupta

"This was Klay Thompson's best game so far! He only took 2 bad shots out of 22!": Steve Kerr talks about the Splash Brother's progress as he led the Warriors past the Lakers

Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr heaps praise onto Klay Thompson after they cap off comfortable win over the LA Lakers

Hey, look! The Golden State Warriors finally seem to be turning it around!

After what was a torrid stretch, the franchise has now won 3 games on the bounce, despite being without Stephen Curry. And a major reason for that is one, Klay Thompson.

Over the last 5 games, the mellow King has averaged 28.8 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 3.2 assists while shooting 46.2% from the field and 43.9% from beyond the arc. If those aren’t superstar numbers, we really don’t know what they are.

However, it isn’t like head coach Steve Kerr had no gripes about his game during this stretch. In fact, one that has become increasingly obvious in recent weeks is Klay’s tendency to take bad shots.

After the Warriors capped off their win vs. the Lakers, Kerr sat down to talk with reporters on exactly this topic. And well, let’s just say a certain Splash Brother is going to love it!

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Steve Kerr announces that he believes this was Klay Thompson’s best game yet, commenting on his lack of bad shots

Given how long Klay Thompson was forced to stay away from basketball, we really don’t blame him for taking a few ill-advised jumpers from time to time. But yes, even we have to agree that the man has been infamous for taking it a bit too far.

So, when the man recorded a stellar 33 points on 54.5% shooting and 60% from three, he was obviously happy. But apparently, there was something that made him even happier than that.

We can’t say we blame him for that one.

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