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“Tory Lanez is cold as hell man! Alone at Prom is FIRE!”: LeBron James lip syncs to the Canadian rapper’s newest album

Samir Mehdi

“Tory Lanez is cold as hell man! Alone at Prom is FIRE!”: LeBron James lip syncs to the Canadian rapper’s newest album

LeBron James gets back into lip syncing songs while showing love to Tory Lanez’s newest album, ‘Alone at Prom’. 

LeBron James has made it his mission to dip his toes in quite nearly every single facet of life, with him investing his time and/or money into endeavors that span across industries. Music is one industry that he’s been quite fond of for decades now, showing off his love for the hottest rappers in the game right now, on his Instagram stories. 

These stories of his have gained quite the following after NBA fans realized he would be putting them up frequently. However, they haven’t risen to notoriety for all the right reasons as the internet has chosen to ‘roast’ LeBron James for putting up videos of himself trying to lip sync to the song he’s listening to, but is failing to do so.

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Luckily for him, the reactions to his slew of stories for Tory Lanez have been positive for the most part as fans are appreciating James for showing love to Lanez, a rather low-key artist when compared to the likes of Drake and J Cole. 

LeBron James takes to Instagram to shower Tory Lanez with love for his new album. 

LeBron James made the smart move and decided to film the video of him lip syncing to Lanez’s ‘Alone at Prom’ in the dark. That way, fans can’t really gather enough information that can prove to be detrimental to his lip syncing abilities. 

He captioned the videos, “Man, this boy cold as hell! Alone at Prom is *fire emojis*” and tagged Tory in the stories.

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This must’ve been quite the occasion for celebration for the Canadian rapper as he’s said once before that he wasn’t a fan of any particular team but is a fan of one singular player: LeBron James. 

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Samir Mehdi

Samir Mehdi


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